Hot Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

On Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, you might stumble upon a shop called Hot Vapes. You can’t miss it with the big lit-up sign inside. Head towards the light and you’ll be on the right track.

HotVapes.comHot Vapes Review

Shop online or at the store, but some items are only sold in person. These exclusive items cost $79 to $240. Buy the Innovape Patriot RDA, Lunar Mod, Turtle Ship Mod, an ACR Precision Viper, or the Opus D. They were designed for experienced vapers exclusively.

From Start to Finish

Starter ecig kits include the Fuze, a true beginners’ set for $59. It comes with two 808D batteries, five tobacco cartridges (18mg), a PCC, and a USB cord. Next is a Jewel B Kit for $49 in white, black, or pink. Two atomizers, a 510 automatic battery, and tobacco or menthol cartridges are included. Buy chocolate, mango, vanilla, or blank cartridges to go with them.

Next is a Torpedo Blister kit with an 8-hour, 650mAh battery, BCC, and USB. It comes in black, green, purple, red, white, pink, or Titanium for $28. The Torpedo Twist pack costs $41, $32 with a normal battery, and another Torpedo kit for $59.

Pay $79 for a Kanger eVod package or Smok SID. The Innokin iTaste VTR costs $125 or the Lambo can be purchased for $85.

Get a JoyeTech eVic (in stock) for $125.

Single, dual, and triple coil tanks are listed separately.

Hot Vapes Liquid

Hot Vapes carries several series of liquids: organic, shisha, Big Heart, and Build-your-own-Flight. There are 8 organic flavors including almond cream, ginger peach, and lychee. Thirteen shisha flavors include mint, vanilla, and pistachio. With 91 Big Heart choices, you will be amply satisfied.

Pay $10 for 17mls, $20 for 34mls, and get blends like a Papaya Strawbango Smoothie, Sugar Cookie, or Kookie Monster. Levels of nicotine from 0 to 24 with a 0.3% option included allow smokers to slowly overcome a nicotine addiction, or at least reduce their reliance to nearly nothing. $10 for 17mls is a decent price, if not the lowest.

Special Features of the Hot Vapes Site

You will like the way each item shows not just the fact that it is in stock (typically the case) but how many of an item are in stock. Customers can tell if something is down to its last one or two and should be snapped up immediately. Hot Vapes carries well-known brands at comparable prices.