Indy Vapor Shop

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

You can tell by the name where the Indy Vapor Shop comes from, but you will also be expecting to find a real shop with windows and walls. This store is about to re-open, so if you have been an online customer awaiting the re-opening of Indy Vapor Shop, enter their upcoming contest to celebrate the big day this March. Otherwise, keep shopping over the internet.

IndyVaporShop.comIndy Vapor Shop Review

The policy at Indy Vapor Shop is to be honest and friendly, offering fair pricing on all products. So, you can expect to see products listed at competitive and sometimes excellent rates, especially if they come on sale. You can also expect, if you make an enquiry, to be told the candid truth.

For instance, find out what tanks to use with certain vapor juices and which ones to avoid. Learn what they think of brands they do not carry. Ask what kind of device employees think you should use at your level of experience and be given an honest answer.

Their headings are the usual starter kits, mods, replacement parts, juice, and so on. Shop according to a model you want, look under bestsellers, or explore their deals.

Mods at Indy Vapor Shop

Just a few of their items in this section are the Provari (an excellent and quality product), Ballistic and Shotgun, plus the Kraken by Vicious Ant. These are not run-of-the-mill Joyetech or Innokin products so they cost a bit more and might not be consistently available.

Replacement Parts

As usual, parts include things like tips and shields. Customers will find beautiful glass tips, stainless steel and acrylic hybrids (gorgeous), wood tips, Skull and Lotus, Rabbit “Love,” and the Mad/Happy Robot. Buy rotating headed tips as well.


Indy Vapor Shop carries Halo, Anchor Vapors, Vermillion River, and others. Vermillion River is $17.95 per/30mls of American-made juice. Flavors such as root beer, Baja Blitz (blue raspberry), frosty grape, and more are also available in sample sizes.

Anchor Vapors for $9.95 provide 12mls of Boom Boom Pop (red, white and blue vapor containing cherry, lemonade, and blue raspberry). Their Rave is a candy-necklace style. Cherry Vanilla Cola is what it sounds like.

The Shop

Attitudes towards Indy Vapor Shop are ambivalent. Sometimes you read that the shop keepers are helpful, other times they are almost rude. You might feel ignored by staff. It is hard to say. They have tons of vapor flavors to offer but they are not unusual according to visitors who tried their vape bar.