Ipad Video Lessons

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

iPad Video Lessons Course features more than 100 video tutorials on iPad, it’s features and how users can discover them to use the iPad to their full advantage. The aim of the iPad Video Lessons Course is to enhance users’ iPad experience by providing them insights regarding new tips, tricks, and techniques to explore undiscovered iPad features.  Today I’m looking to help those of you who are seeking this product find a coupon code that will help you save money on the product.

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Ipad Video Lessons Coupon 2014


The iPad Video Lessons Course is based on tutorial videos, which are led by iPad Pete, a super iPad nerd. Moreover, the features of the product are as follows:

  • 100+ videos on iPad of 11 minutes on average
  • Provides insights regarding iPad’s undiscovered features
  • Additional tips and tricks that will enhance users’ iPad using experience
  • Easily accessible videos
  • All videos are downloadable and can be played/resumed easily
  • Lifetime membership; once users’ pay for the course, they will get access to iPad Pete’s useful advice on iPad’s new features, tips and tricks for life

Ipad Lessons Coupon

There are nine different modules in the course, all that tackle different areas of the iPad.  All of it is taught by your host, “Ipad Pete.”

Module 1, 2 and 3: These provide a basic overview of the iPad’s features and will provide users with useful information on how to utilize the most basic iPad features to their full advantage. Additionally, these three modules also provide tips and tricks regarding mail usage, internet efficiency and maximization. 

Module 4,5 and 6: These modules are based on the most basic activities the users engage in on their iPads including app usage, reading and music. The modules also include tips on how to improve the multimedia functionality of the gadget

Modules 7, 8 and 9: These tackle the following areas: organizing photos, exploring maps and watching videos on the iPad amongst others. In addition, the iPad Video Lessons Course also trains users regarding iOS 5 and 6 usage, iCloud, syncing, backing, lifetime updates and access to wireless updates.

Pros and Cons


  • Renders exceptional iPad tricks that users are never able to discover on their own
  • Easily accessible videos
  • Videos are precise and therefore easy to comprehend
  • Trains users to efficiently use iOS 5 and 6
  • Will allow you to make the most of your iPad
  • The interface is simple and navigation controls are easy to comprehend


  • Advanced iPad users might not find the basic modules informative
  • Pricey


Overall, the iPad Video Lessons Course is a product that will prove to be extremely useful for basic iPad users. With the help of the videos, users will be able to fully utilize their iPad, something they could have never thought of doing on their own. The product is pricey, as it is available for $97 but it comes with 60 day money back guarantee so dissatisfied users can always claim their money back.

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