By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

South Carolina’s iVape is located in Longs, near Myrtle Beach, a fitting location for a relaxing activity. Theirs is a multi-purpose site, truly, carrying eGo kits, APVs, atomizers, batteries, e-liquids, and loads more.

Unless you are looking for a cigalike or modding gear to build your own mechanical mod, this is a site to please almost anyone. Most of their categories are sub-headed so you can make an efficient search, or just check out the whole catalogue for a specific heading. IVape carries the major electronic cigarette brands.

iVape.netA Bounty of Electronic Cigarette Brands

These, of course, are Innokin, Joye, Smok, and Kanger. Their Joye eVic kit costs $104.95. The Innokin iTaste 134, SVD Telescopic, or VTR cost $139.95, $69.99, and $120 respectively.

A K100 mechanical/telescopic device is $49.95. The Tesla, though not rare, is not common either. Be glad you found it at a good price: $69.95 or $79.95. IVape also carries its own brand of starter kits and mods, a generic and inexpensive alternative to the brand names.

E-Cig Affordability

Although some of the models noted are expensive and you would not consider buying one until you had significant vaping experience under your belt, there are also clones and budget models at iVape. The Smok Plastic Bolt is one such model for $19.95 and comes in several colors. Clones provide the beauty and professional quality of boutique, limited edition models at low prices. An example, the NZonic V3 Clone, costs $68.45.

Starter kits from iVape and Joyetech are priced from $39.95 and upwards. These are simple eGo kits with tanks, batteries, a charger, and maybe a case. They are good for relatively new vapers tired of recharging batteries every two hours and adding new cartridges at similar intervals. You could even start with a 510 kit which is a standard 2-piece e-cig like the Halo G6, Blu Cigs, and Green Smoke, etc.

Atomizers and Flood Guards

You might have heard that some atomizers are prone to leaking, which can damage batteries and wreck devices. To prevent this kind of expensive disaster, use a flood guard. They cost $4.95 at iVape and come in various colors for 901 or 510 e-cigs.

Buy your 801/302/112 atomizers, 510s, eGo, and more styles right here.

RBAs at iVape

A rebuildable atomizer is an advanced electronic cigarette user’s friend. It allows this individual to make an expensive heating device outlast its smaller parts. Aga is a popular name, sold here for around $20 (the Genesis and T2 Genesis). Euforia is a Penelope clone for $69.95. You’ll find the AGF 510 Atomizer Tank for $17.95 and an AGI RBA for $29.95.

Replacement Cartridges

Even when cartridges are designed to be refilled, they eventually stop working. A number of e-cig devices, especially 510 models, work with cartridges instead of tanks. They can still be refilled, but they’re generally small and boring to look at. Buy them here for $4.95 each, but just as an aside, two out of five items were out of stock when I checked.

Cones, Cases, and More

It was even worse where some items were concerned. Half of the cones were labeled “notify me” (a euphemism for “out of stock”). None of the three cases sold at iVape were available.

When it comes to drip tips, if I had really needed one, iVape would have lost a sale, and as I went in search of tips, I might have found another company I was happy to work with.

While iVape might have the customer service qualifications (and reward points) that please their loyal clients, that doesn’t mean other companies don’t offer the same. More than half of their drip tip stock was gone, especially the various colors of cheap ones ($2.95 each). That’s not a good way to start out with a new customer.

On the Plus Side

Mods, eGos, and starters were mostly available. So were pass-through batteries, including pass-through blister kits. They come from Joye and iVape for between $9.95 and $29.95.

Customers will find their DIY supplies (unflavored juice, empty bottles, and syringes) for making e-liquid ready and available, plus most of the juices carried by iVape in 10ml and 30ml bottles. While this means they are pre-made, that is hardly unusual.

Vapor Juice at iVape

All iVape e-liquid is made in the United States. Ingredients include natural and artificial flavors, propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine where applicable, as much as 2.4%.

Flavors are not categorized or glamorously presented. A drop box shows a list of possibilities like blueberry waffle, pumpkin chai, Carolina sunset (tobacco), peach rings, Snozzberry, and Nannermelon (banana and melon?) The listings are short on description, unfortunately, so where the flavor was not obvious you could be buying a mystery juice.

Give iVape a call or write them an email and they will happily describe the flavor, or you can read reviews if there are any. Customers usually report the notes they taste on the draw and exhale.

Limited edition flavors were Dark Roast and Mojito. They both came in only 1.2% nicotine and were cheaper than the $4.95 10ml bottles ($11.95 for 30mls).

iVape Review: Website Simplicity

This was a happy experience for me overall. I dislike visiting a site that is so sophisticated they have to charge more for goods so as to pay for a website designer, or feel they can get away with it because they use fashion photographers to take pictures of their goods.

IVape prefers to maintain low prices on goods, lots of goods. I haven’t seen a flood guard anywhere for ages, never mind multiple colors. What they lack at this point is the stock levels to keep every consumer happy. I’m glad the items missing were not big ticket products like the Tesla or eVic, and that they carry so many options in numerous important categories.

Atomizers fell under several headings, for instance, and that is only one example. You will also appreciate the contrast of regular prices (in red, crossed out) with their prices written in green. Red prices are not inflated ridiculously to make their price look even better. These are good enough without gimmicks.