Jet Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Jet Cigs is a jet-setting e-cig, packaged in slick style and worthy of its own photo shoot. Packaging eschews the traditional e-cig look of white and tan analogs, while photographs of cartomizers reveal shiny threading and glossy black coating. This Jet Cigs review explores a sparse array of fine-looking products.

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Except for cartomizer flavors, everything about the Jet Cigs website is aerodynamic. There is no bulk or confusion of products: simply one starter kit, a couple of disposables, and a tiny accessories section. If simplicity is a draw, head to Jet Cigs.

One Starter Kit

The Jet Cigs starter kit is configured in the way many vapers would consider a classic “basic” arrangement. It comes with two batteries in black satin with white LED lights. Orders are packaged with two cartomizers (Mojito Mint and Perique Tobacco) plus a USB charger.

This Express Kit costs $29.99 and for once a kit of this name is worth the title “Starter Kit.” The second battery won me over, as did the unusual flavor choices.

Gourmet Cartomizers

Jet Cigs sells 11 flavors of cartomizers, each one available in just three levels of nicotine: 0, 11mg, and 22mg per/ml. This is inadequate.

Instead of changing colors for each flavor, the company has simply added a colored band. They are threaded for 510 batteries which is a highly compatible threading in case you wanted to attach these lovely-sounding vapes to other models of batteries.

Their 11 flavors include a rare form of tobacco known as Perique. Jet Cigs describes this as the “truffle of tobaccos.” In their case, Turkish, Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos are added for a rich aroma you might equate with the scent of a pipe (in their opinion).

Smooth, rich Classic Tobacco contains a blend of Turkish and Virginia varieties. Menthol Frost is supposed to remind users of traditional menthol cigarettes.

If you are familiar with the Cuban cocktail called Mojito, Mojito Mint should probably be reminiscent of that combination. It contains a bit of rum, some lime, spearmint, wintergreen, and peppermint. The result is a refreshing blend.

Tiramisu Torte is described as a creamy coffee flavor, but with several notes to create a complex variety, such as rum and mascarpone cheese. Swiss Chocolate is similarly layered.

Sweet Passion places passion fruit at the center, surrounding it with tangerine and peach apparently. One reviewer got a candy-style aroma and flavor from this cartomizer, but that is a single opinion. Explore further. Apple Medley blends sweet and tart apples. Cherry Noir does the same with cherries.

Vanilla Crème is a silky, sweet style with hints of tobacco. In the Clove Ecstasy you will detect Turkish tobacco as well. Reading about these flavors amounts to a short, pleasurable lesson about the history of tobacco.

Since the starter kit only features two of these cartomizers, you will no doubt be purchasing more. Packs of five cost $11.99, which is a reasonable price considering that many of the other brands stick a $13 to $15 price tag on theirs and are not half as interesting.

Jet Cigs E LiquidE-Liquid from Jet Cig

Those 11 varieties of pre-filled cartomizers sound like a lot with their rich gourmet descriptions, but they are not that many. For e-liquid, you have even fewer choices. It is usually the other way around: bottles come in multiple varieties not available as cartomizers.

As puzzling as this is, the price only adds to your confusion: $5.99 for 10mls. Just being American-made is no reason to charge more since there are tons of brands falling under that heading. Each blend consists of 60% glycerin, 25% propylene glycol, and 15% water plus flavoring, and is available in just 22mg nicotine for $9.99.

The six flavors are Classic Tobacco, Mojito Mint, Menthol Frost, Apple, Cherry, and Vanilla. These might be the most popular of their flavors. Without a tank system, Jet Cig is not selling liquids for their Jet mini cig users but for customers using blank cartomizers and tanks.


This is about the paltriest selection of accessories you will find at an electronic cigarette company: two items, each one costing $9.99. Buy a battery or a USB charger. There are no carry cases, portable charging cases, or wall adaptors. With shipping only free after $50, you could struggle to make it to that number when placing an order.

Reviews of Jet

Reviewers consider this brand a similar one to Blu and their products can be used interchangeably, though they don’t look right together. No matter: taste and results are the keys to customer satisfaction.

The Mojito Mint is a favorite as you might expect. Several flavors receive thumbs up, but they don’t always fare as well when compared to other brands.

This is a subjective topic, so new users arriving at Jet Cigs without any previous vaping experience will probably like their cartomizers. There is no hint in reviews of after taste or a chemical nature to their blends.

Throat hit and vapor production are both satisfying. It’s no effort to draw on them. Shipping is quick and they have a good referral program.

What you will find frustrating is the lack of bulk pricing, at this point anyway. Jet Cigs appears to try and make up for that by sending customers coupon codes and with their referral bonuses. Overall, if you start with Jet Cigs, you will want to stick with them. If you started somewhere else, whether you choose to switch or not will depend on what brand you began with.