Krave E Cig

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Nothing beats the craving to have a real cigarette like simulating the smoking experience with an electronic cigarette. Your doctor cannot recommend this as a means of quitting, but your friends can. This Krave e cig review will determine if good friends would recommend Krave or a different brand.

kraveit.comKrave E Cigs in Short

There is not much to say about Krave right now. Their product lineup is short and sweet: two starter kits, cartridge refills, a few accessories, and not a lot else. I get the feeling, though, that this will change.

The logo, website, and overall presentation have been created with care and professionalism. This team means business. Then again, they belong to a larger company. Vapor Corp is publicly traded. Customers can contact them toll-free.

Shops selling Krave e cigs are located across the country in Florida, Texas, and New Mexico. Find them in Nebraska, Illinois, California, and Oregon. The Krave website features a Google Map so you can look up the area where you live and calculate your distance from the nearest vendor.

Starter Kits on the Limited Side

For now, Krave appears to be answering customers’ concerns about overwhelming product options by going to the opposite extreme. Their $20.95 kit contains one battery, a USB charger, and two filters (tobacco and menthol, 1.8% nicotine). You have seen these packages elsewhere named Essentials Kit or an Express Kit.

A $10.95 version listed alongside the more expensive one appears to be identical, but there is one difference. Type A is packaged in a flip-top box, like a Zippo lighter. Type B comes in a cig carton-style package. This is hardly $10 worth of difference, but at least consumers get to choose what matters to them.

Cartridges: Frugal Flavors

Buy a pack of 5 cartridges for $10.95. The price is fine; it’s the flavors I take issue with. All you get are Sour Apple, Great Grape, Wild Cherry, Very Vanilla, Chocolate, and a sense of deja vu. If you want menthol or tobacco, they are sold in packs of 3 for $5.95. Hmm — is that a clever marketing strategy? Do menthol and tobacco vapers vape less than someone with a sweet tooth? At least their cartridges work out to less overall.

On the Expensive Side

Up to this point I had no complaints about price. I even like having two choices of mini starter kit for two prices. With this in mind, I approach the idea of building a starter kit with confidence until I see where the money is made: in accessories.

$14.95 is a bit much for a car adaptor or a wall adaptor. The USB or wall charger should be less than half the $12.95 they sell for. Maybe selling these helps affiliates get into the 51% commission band.