By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

LeCig is a brand of e-cig setting out to compete with the big players. The brand comes from DeQueen, Arkansas, and provides free shipping in the United States. New items on their website are a VV pass-through battery, LeCigarillo, and MT3.

LeCig.comThe Classic Cigalike

A D1 Classic is their cigalike model. An Express Blister pack with one 280mAh battery, 2 cartridges, and a USB charger costs $14.99, probably because there is no case.

It’s a basic cheapo set for the potential vaper, not a consumer who knows she is in for the long haul. If you want a case, buy a D1 PCC for $39.99 (reduced from $69.99).

Porcine Cig

The PIGCIG appears to be an intermediate model with 650, 900 and 1300mAh batteries as per your choice. Customize the kit and it will cost around $99 give or take around $10.

For instance, add $2 or $4 for the mid- and high-level batteries. Buy a Mega Pack of cartos for another $9.99. Two batteries, two cones, USB and wall chargers, and cartridges are included.

Variable Voltage

Buy a VariVolt option known as the LeCig Squared. It does not use a square battery. I think “squared” refers to the extension of power. The body alone comes up at $59.99.

More LeCig Review

The LeCig Express is a tank-eGo kit for $38 or so, depending on which battery you choose (650 or 900mAh).

UTVG disposables at LeCig are available in menthol, cherry, blueberry, tobacco, strawberry, coffee, vanilla, and grape. Buy one (18mg) for $9.99. Suction cups are sold here but they don’t receive good ratings. Annoy everyone with whistle tips. Buy plastic drip tips, carry cases, and charging cases from LeCig.

Vapriot juice is American made in 75 flavors. They include Banana, Kiwi, Banana Nut Bread, and Bluebacco. $4.49 buys 5mls (really expensive) or you can buy 15mls for twice that amount with up to 36mg of nicotine.

LeCig is not an all-purpose site by any means: it is a brand site, part of the giant UTVG line.

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