Lizard Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

I hate to say it, but any website that routinely posts 5-star reviews below products should be viewed with cynicism. I am sure Lizard Juice is great as far as many customers are concerned, but there are probably some juices by Lizard that do not receive great ratings. Nobody’s perfect. I would love to see more balance than a couple of 4-star reviews just to prove Lizard Juice is showing all of their ratings, not just the great ones.

LizardJuice.comLizard Juice Review

Overall, though, Lizard is well-received, especially for their Lizard Milk. It sounds disgusting, I know: how do you milk a lizard anyway? Surely you would not get coconut milk, pineapple, and rum from a lizard even if you tried. Dark Lizard — a variety of Lizard Milk — adds a touch of chocolate. If only farmers had known, they would have been keeping herds of lizards instead of cows.

Fruits from Lizard Juice are standard offerings. There is not much to write home about in this department. They carry Ice Raspberry and Ice Watermelon, both featuring fruit and mint. Tiramisu is a popular dessert variety, while Pure Joy mimics a chocolate and coconut candy bar.

Many tobaccos are prefaced with “Outlaw,” like the sweet cigar-style Euro Outlaw. Clove, Cuban Cigar, and LJ4 (RY4) are just three others. Fifteen milliliters costs $12, and you can ask for 0, 6, 12, 18, or 24mg strength when ordering your juice flavors. The price tag is pretty high.

E-Cigs and Accessories from Lizard

Lizard takes a generic eGo product and calls it a “Lizard Starter Kit.” Examples are their Sleek Kit, the Lizard Deluxe, and a Blister Starter Kit. All of them are overpriced. For example, the blister pack with one battery, two clearomizers, and a USB charger costs $44.99. If it would cost less, they could remove the option to select 7 colors each for batteries and tanks.

The Sleek Lizard Kit for $74.95 gives you two tanks, two 350mAh batteries, a wall adaptor, and a USB charger. For another $15, you get two full e-cigs in 6 possible colors and a case. You really could pay less for the same amount of gear if the Lizard logo was gone.

A Lizard Pyrex Protank costs $22.00. Atomizer Type B costs $19.95. The Lizard eGo Case is priced $12.95. The only item I really liked the look of for its price was a poker series battery, limited edition, or $22.95. They’re just nice to look at.

About Lizard Juice

Seminole in Florida is home base, but Lizard has opened many stores, mostly in the state. They have a couple more coming too. These are located in Saint Petersburg, Dunedin, Tampa, Oldsmar, and Palm Harbor. Birmingham in Alabama has two.

Stores carrying Lizard products can be found in Watertown Connecticut, Clearwater Florida, Gray Kentucky, Las Vegas Nevada, plus pages and pages of other shops. The highest concentration of vendors is found in Florida.

There is currently no international shipping. I could not locate any other information, so shipping must be calculated when you place an order. You can contact them in numerous ways to find out: by email, on Facebook, and by telephone.