Magic Flight Launch Box

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

At Magic Flight, they have high standards about the quality of their products, aesthetically and environmentally. You find their devices are elegant, functional, and sustainable. They do not stop at packaging their kits with rechargeable batteries: the Magic Flight Launch Box itself is made from renewable wood as well.


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Clean, No Plastic

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a rectangular shape made from wood. This wood is engraved with sayings and symbols. Even the viewing window can be engraved if you desire. Choose cherry or walnut wood for an even richer-looking device, but regardless of the unit you purchase, the price of a Launch Box stands out.

Price of Flight

Portable vaporizers such as the Firefly, Pax, and Ascent cost around $250 or more to purchase. Their looks are more technological and the insides are high-tech, certainly. The basic price for a Magic Flight Launch Box kit is just $119, making it one of the most affordable handheld devices around. Richer woods or special designs add from $6 to $30 to the price.

Magic Flight Launch BoxMagic Flight Launch Box Specifications

This is a very small (palm-sized) unit, completely wireless, and light. It uses two rechargeable AA batteries, so you do not have to buy proprietary batteries from Magic Flight. Any batteries will do.

This is a totally silent device which heats up in about 5 seconds and is safe because nothing burns. Herbs become hot enough to create vapor, but they do not catch on fire. How else could Magic Flight justify the use of wood?

This is a durable unit made by hand in the United States. It comes with a lifetime functional warranty.

In the Kit

Your kit comes with two rechargeable NiMH batteries, which also feature protective caps. You will find a battery charger inside the package plus a felt-lined tin, glass draw stem, cleaning brush, and guide. These are standard items so if you are buying a Launch Box kit from someone other than Magic Flight, check that at least these items are listed.

Accessories for the Magic Flight Launch Box

As it stands, the Launch Box is tiny. But the profile can be enlarged if accessories are introduced. Add a water-cooling system that resembles a small glass teapot to cool vapor before it reaches your mouth. Travel accessories and chargers are available, plus an extra felt-lined tin.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box might look small, but its efficiency and beauty rival more expensive models, some of them twice the price. Vapor production is impressively thick and tastes wonderful. The unit is one of the easiest to use you will ever find. While vapor experts stop short of ranking their top product or even awarding it second place, they will often rank it among the best handheld vaporizers available.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best units for someone on a budget. It is easy to fill and to use right out of the box. There are no real tricks to master except that grinding herbs quite finely is important. Being small, though powerful, the Magic Flight Launch Box cannot tolerate big pieces. Once you get that part right, it produces excellent flavor.

Who is the Magic Flight Launch Box for?

Anyone would be happy to own a Magic Flight Launch Box, including smokers. Advertising on the website promotes this product as great for getting high, but as an herbal vaporizer it can also be used with tobacco. Consider giving this as a gift to a friend who smokes or buy one for yourself.

Being small, there are limits to the Magic Flight Launch Box. Think about buying this for use outside of the home but owning a larger unit for use in the home, such as a plug-in vaporizer (the Arizer Extreme, Volcano, Silver Surfer, etc). While portable units are convenient for travel, they require more frequent filling and are only useful to individuals who can draw vapor directly without assistance from a fan.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is adaptable for use with concentrates.

Where to Buy the Magic Flight Launch Box

You will probably see the Magic Flight Launch Box carried on a lot of retail websites, including one for Magic Flight (where they also sell their Maud Dib Concentrates Box). This is one of the cheapest places to look, but a few other locations rival this price.

For instance, authorized re-sellers enjoy excellent discounts by purchasing in large volumes. They can pass these on to customers by sending a free gift with each vaporizer purchase. The grinder from Magic Flight Launch Box is excellent for fine grinding and sometimes recommended for customers buying other models. But a free grinder or some other appropriate accessory could be sent with your order, and you still don’t pay more than $120 for the box.

Retailer sites list honest reviews of products from their customers. A general re-seller is not committed to augmenting the reputation of just one product, so these are excellent sources of information. You can trust that the good and bad will be portrayed.

Such sites also provide a venue for immediate comparison between the Magic Flight Launch Box and other vaporizers in the same price bracket. You can see for yourself why the Launch Box is great value for the money. Purchase goods only from re-sellers who have, themselves, received excellent customer reviews.

Magic Flight Launch Pad

Magic Flight is located in San Diego, California. When you purchase their products, you are ensured of receiving American-made craftsmanship and of supporting the American economy.