Modern Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

In this Modern Vapor review, readers will learn about a new brand of electronic cigarettes. The site is painfully basic, so you won’t find out much just by looking. If you know the market, however, you can infer more about starter kits, juice, etc. Customers have to buy $99 worth of stuff before qualifying for free shipping. This might sound heavy, but it’s common. Shipping is not typically free.

ModernVapor.comStarter Kits

For $74.95, buy a 902 starter kit with a PCC, manual battery, a second manual or automatic battery, your usual chargers, a carry case, plus five menthol or tobacco cartridges. Batteries of red, blue, matte black, or stainless steel come with a blue PCC and a blue, green, or red LED at the end. This analog style cig will feel like a traditional cigarette but probably won’t look like one.

The Supreme Kit for $129.95 brings you several battery/PCC color choices again. The price includes a drip tip, atomizer, both chargers, blank cartridges, a case, and 10mls of juice. The Solo Kit costs $54.95 because it contains just one battery with the PCC.

Pricing is okay. The addition of a PCC makes it difficult to compare these kits with others. Some brands include a smaller PCC in their packages, and about the same amount of other stuff. You could find another kit for about this price or less, but not necessarily with refillable tanks.

The 902/Lux and SideSho kits support pre-filled cartridges, while the SideSho can also use blanks. SS cartridges cost $11.50 for 5, menthol or tobacco in 0 to 1.6%. 902 versions are in clearout mode: $2.50 for five.


Thanks to blank cartridges, it is possible to save money, prevent unnecessary waste, and choose more flavors from MV E-Liquid. It is 100% American Juice, $7.95 for 10mls, in 12, 18, or 24mg of nicotine.

As above, a poor range of nicotine and the price is too high as well. Just being American-made is not a suitable reason for charging so much when 15ml bottles cost less from some vendors whose juices are also American-made.

Modern Vapor juices contain a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin blend and include apple pie, fruit gum, party cake, blackberry, and blueberry pancake.