Mr Good Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Average reviews for Mr Good Vape e-liquid indicate a high-quality juice is on your vaping horizon. If you have still not met Mr Good Vape, turn on your laptop and start typing. Don’t go to a dating site but the e-juice company selling some tropical treats you will become hooked on. Some of the best e-liquid around could be yours in a matter of days.

Who is Mr Good Vape?

There are two men behind Mr Good Vape; good friends and business partners who have struck gold. Chris Davis and Gary Riddle have sought to create a fun, personal business where great customer service is as important as great vapor juice.

The gallery of images on Mr Good Vape introduces you to the men who combine to create the comic persona that has become their logo. They also feature videos on their bright and cheery website. I’m not sure if a picture of the pair playing beer pong makes me feel good about Mr Good Vape, but they are certainly having a good time.

Where to Find Mr Good Vape

Mr Good Vape has been picked up by smoke shops and vaping lounges all around the country. You will find them in California, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Kansas (and the rest; there are a lot of states). Mr Good Vape has an international distribution department too, so if you know someone in England or Moscow who would love some great juice but can’t find anything to her liking, perhaps she could suggest that a local store get in touch with Mr Good Vape so she and her vaping friends can meet Mr Good Vape at last.

Otherwise, home base for Riddle and Davis is Cerritos, CA. Contact them by email to learn more about sales, support, and wholesale purchases.

On to a Mr Good Vape Review

Each 15ml bottle of juice from Mr Good Vape costs $12, making it one of the higher-priced juices available. Compare that with Five Pawns, The Standard, and Space Jam, however, and you will see a trend in the way small juice-making business price their products. Mr Good Vape fits in with those names.

Their nicotine values only stretch to 2.4%, but that could still be decent when you think of the way Chris and Gary have fiddled with propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratios to get the best out of a flavor. If the nicotine value seems too low, perhaps a propylene glycol-dominant flavor will provide an effective throat hit. Ratios are adjusted according to the flavor. If you feel like this is too low, several companies ramp it up to 30 or 36mg, but not many boutique juice makers do that.

Dabbly Dooyah is a 50/50 sweet variety. Your tongue will catch hold of Dutch apple pie with caramel and cinnamon. It is the kind of warm sweetness you want straight out of the oven on a cold November day, maybe at Thanksgiving (cold being a relative term in California).

Bahama Mama is the opposite: tropical and breezy with pineapple, banana, and candy colada. It will leave you thinking of ocean waves and tropical sand.

Pistachio Man brings you choco mint plus — you guessed it — pistachio. There are also notes of French Vanilla ice cream and an imported Italian tobacco known as Burley. This one is a 60/40 blend (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin) which should bring out the throat hit.

Heaven’s Candy, apparently, is made of grapes: two types of them with apple candy and sweet plums. Karma Cream stirs two types of cream into peach and vanilla bean ice cream. Sweet Lovin’ will make you crave strawberry-watermelon bubblegum.

Sundae Fundae blends the elements of a great Sundae. You will detect caramel candy, brown sugar, French Vanila, Butter Pecan Cookies, and Butterscotch in this one tasty dessert vape. They are specific about their flavors at Mr Good Vape. You will not taste butter pecan but BP in cookie form; and not just vanilla, but French Vanilla.

Every bottle is pictured alongside the product description so you can see the color of contents. Sample packs are available if you can’t decide on a flavor, but there aren’t that many to try.

You could go for a Sunshine Daydream with pineapple, banana, and orange. It could remind you of a Starburst combined with a Sweet Tart. Dreamsicle melds tangerines and Bavarian Cream (like an orange creamsicle, just newly named.) Moon sugar, it turns out, is sugar cookie, butterscotch, and graham cracker pie crust. The ratio on this one is unusual when seen against the others. It’s 80% vegetable glycerin, 20% propylene glycol.

Reviews are excellent. Customers love Mr Good Vape and are willing to pay the price for better e-liquid.

Website Dilemma

After visiting and rating countless e-cig company websites and e-liquid firms, I feel qualified to say this is not the most straightforward website around. The trouble is that when I looked for e-liquids, there was no full list, no catalogue. Some would only show up when I picked out a single variety to look at closely. It’s not like they have too many to stick on one page.

They probably don’t suffer because of this problem because customers can buy Mr Good Vape products at retail stores; they don’t have to shop online. Still, this seems like such an easy thing to fix. By doing so, the company would prove that they mean what they say about putting customers first.

Otherwise, you are going to love these juices in their glass dripper bottles. As Riddle and Davis put it, the juice is made “for connoisseurs by connoisseurs.” That’s you, by the way.