My Freedom Smokes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

My Freedom Smokes is not a cigarette brand, even though “smokes” are slang for “cigarettes.” My Freedom Smokes from Charlotte, North Carolina, actually provides freedom from addiction to cigarettes by selling electronic cigarettes: mini vaporizers that simulate the smoking experience, but better. With these innovative products, consumers can free their lungs from tar and chemicals, free their skin of the odor of cigarettes, and even break free from nicotine addiction if they want to.

Currently they are not running a coupon code, but they do offer free shipping on orders over $75.


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My Freedom Smokes is seen on Facebook and hosts a YouTube channel where viewers can watch instructions and product reviews. They show their loyalty to customers via their rewards program. Every time you spend $1, you earn a point, but you can also earn points in other ways.

Earn Loyalty Points

Refer someone who buys something using Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter to earn points (Facebook for 3, Pinterest of 3, and Twitter for 2). Like their page on Facebook to earn 5 points. Follow them on Twitter and earn 10 points.

With a subscription to their email campaign, you earn 20 points. Refer a friend who subsequently makes a purchase and you get 125 points. Review or rate the site for 2 points. If you do all of those things, you will earn a total of 170 points to spend at the main website without spending a thing, but you will probably do that too. Soon you will accumulate enough points to buy something nice for yourself.

Starter Kits from MyFreedomSmokes

Kits are split into groups: small, medium, Variable Voltage, and mods/APVs. I think what they mean is easy, intermediate, and advanced, but you get the idea. Inexpensive kits generally are easy to use because complex technology adds to the price.

A Kangertech e-Smart Starter (small kit) costs $29.95. The Joyetech 510 starter (also small) costs $39.95. An Innokin iTaste EP Starter Kit is priced $29.95, while AnyVape EVOD kits cost $39.95. They are both medium kits. You can see it is affordable to begin vaping at one of these two levels even though you receive far more battery power than mini cigs afford.

Under Variable Voltage devices, you have the K1 for $30.95, Vision Spinner for $69.95, plus two types of Innokin kits. Mods like the R80 Folding and Telescopic Mechanical Mod, Cigreat KK Telescoping Mechanical Mod, and Smoktech SID are all advanced as are their price tags. Once you get to these prices, your expectations have gone way up.

Parts and Accessories

A lineup of glass beakers and graduated cylinders is set aside for DIY juice mixers. Unflavored nicotine and concentrated flavors go with the glass beakers.

Buy CE4/CE5 Pawn drip tips, 510/DCT acrylic drip tips, or 510 Calabash aluminum drip tips, all priced low and in lots of colors. Under the section for Clearance/Specials, find lanyards, pouches, a vaping tray/USB charger, and hard cases for e-cigs with pen clips on them. Some of these look like affordable and unusual gifts.

Those items provide only a sample of what My Freedom Smokes has to offer, mostly in stock, and usually at desirable price points. The list is updated as products are phased out and new models or versions are introduced. Shopping online is safe, secure, and convenient. You don’t have to go out anywhere to buy things or ask advice.

Disposable Vaping

From time to time a retailer adds disposable electronic cigarettes and e-hookah pens to the catalogue. They fall under the mini cig or cigalike category, used by absolute beginners. When a vendor sells these items, they are almost always way cheaper than equivalent models on brand sites. Consider the cheapest brand of disposable e-cig — the White Cloud Mini Fling — priced just a smidgen under $4. MyFreedomSmokes disposable pens cost $2.95 on sale, both e-cigs and e-hookahs.

Vapor Juice

My Freedom Smokes offers a signature series of vapor juices, propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin-based liquids, exotic selections, drinks, and sample sets of ten 3ml bottles for $19.99. Sample sets provide an inexpensive way to start vaping the unusual and rich flavors of e-liquid not available in pre-filled cartridges that accompany mini cigs.

When bottles are that small, it feels less wasteful to cast one aside if it does not please you. Obviously, lots of other consumers had the same idea because sample sets were sold out during my session on the site.

Their Signature Series of juices includes Wildberry and 4-Star General. This latter one is a RY4 style tobacco.

As for the rest of their juices, most of them are familiar. There are very few surprises, and it would be difficult to invent anything new with so many brands out there. Havana Cigar, RY3, European Tobacco, and Slims have traditional smokers covered. Apple Crumble is like comfort food to the senses. Black Cherry is a summery vape. Cocoa provides warmth on cold nights, psychologically at least. Bazooka will remind vapers of many gum-style juices.

The few items less frequently (or never) seen, at least by this reviewer, are White Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Tutti Fruity, Mandarin, and Maraschino Cherry. When you vape them, you might be reminded of another flavor you have already tried, but I expect at least White Chocolate and Tutti Fruity to be distinctive.

There seems to be a strong preference for cherry-flavored vapor on the list too. If you follow reviews much, you discover that vapers either love it or hate it. A couple of other items on the menu are pineapple mango smoothie and green tea: one tropical, the other suitable for clearing your palate.

Vapor juice from My Freedom Smokes costs $4.99 for 10mls, which is a bit more than Mt Baker Vapor (who charge the same for 15mls), but it is not bad. The range of nicotine goes up to 48mg (preferably for mixing, not vaping straight). Bottles are available in 50mls.

Shipping is free for orders of $75 or over. I’m not sure if purchases made with points count, so double check that fact before you place an order confident of receiving free shipping.