Namber Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Nick and Amber of Namber Juice were well known as Grimm Green and the Vape Babe before they started their own business and later got married. Namber was founded in Nevada in 2012 and has been growing steadily, with new flavors and a website finally filling out.

Here are some of the flavors and prices you can expect to see for the time being, but keep your eyes peeled. This vaping pair is always creating and concocting something good.

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All juice from Namber is a 50/50 blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. For $10, you receive a 15ml bottle: that’s expensive, but some consumers will pay for juice by their e-cig hero and heroine. Ingredients are USP-grade, while flavors are all GRAS food-grade.

There are three juice categories thus far: Namesakes, Originals, and New Flavors.

Under Originals you also have Newbies and Namesakes, so there are not that many choices right now. Namber is not in the business of re-inventing the wheel, so grape and banana and RY4 are other company’s business (unless the pair comes up with a way to make them unique).

Among originals is their Blueberry Violence. This sounds like fruit abuse, but prepare to be blown away. Blueberry and red hot cinnamon come together explosively. Perhaps you should use the glass tank for this one.

A Thunderbird is a blend of raspberry and tobacco. Cartomator Crush drops a strawberry in pink champagne. Mango Jams should be pretty easy to guess at.


Tom’s Vanilla Peppermint is named after Amber’s dad; Carrie (of Carrie’s Pecan Pie) is Amber’s mother. They are a little touch of home comfort. Moot’s Juice was named for tattoo artist Mark Moot of Reno. His namesake is lime plus raspberry and menthol.

New Juices

Since Amber and Nick use their juices to honor people they love, it is fitting they should also create a juice called Matrimony to celebrate their nuptials and the cake from their big day. Matrimony contains carrot cake, crème brulee, and caramel.

The Slenderman is some kind of Halloween Mystery. If I were to guess, I would say it could include candy corn or pumpkin or both, but we are not told outright. Reading their blog or Facebook page might help. Namber is also on Twitter.

Doughnut Pounder is just the right sort of doughnut: nothing fancy, just a fresh bit of rich, sugary baked goodness.

More on Namber

Visit Grimm Green on YouTube where he discusses vaping and gives product demonstrations. I was having a hard time finding out shipping policies and would be grateful if Namber made this transparent, but suspect they just calculate prices at the checkout.