By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

NHaler is not a website for where asthmatics swap stories or buy medication. Unless you want to stop smoking because it is giving you breathing problems, the name is just a play on words.

E-cigs are often unofficially considered an answer to a smoking addiction and everything that goes with it, though companies cannot say as much. There is not enough scientific evidence at this point, so a NHaler review can only touch lightly on the idea with that play on words and what it might mean to real people.

NHaler.comProducts Online

NHaler does not specialize but instead covers starter kits, e-pipes and e-cigars, accessories, APVs, RBAs, and so on. They sell clones of the popular EHPro Cronus, Sentinel, Private V2, GGTS, NZonic, and Caravela.

NHaler carries the Vapeonly Telescopic vMecha and Zmax VV/VW. Also look here for Innokin iTaste MVP, Xhaler, The Curve, and The Opus D APVs. I could go on: the list is amazing.

You could literally spend an afternoon exploring and researching all of the advanced equipment they carry here, some genuine, some cloned. Prices are okay. Buy a Smok Magneto ($61) or The Natural ($50).

A USA-made XHaler comes in loads of special patterns and colors like Blonde, Mirror Blue, Oil Slick, Hot Pink Diamond Plate, and more: up to 25. They cost $68 to $158 (mini to XL) with a brass cap and two adapters.

Starter Kits

What amazes me at the NHaler site is how many names there are that I have never seen before or rarely meet with. This leads me to wonder if they are a) unreliable or b) generic models of brand name stuff that works equally as well.

For example, the Esmart 510 BCC is a 320mAh unit for $59.99 with two batteries, two blank clearomizers, and two chargers. That’s a great price.

Blank cartomizers to replace your old ones cost $9 for five. Colossal Cartos (DC, 410, 801) are priced $3 each.

An E-Zip comes in a Zippo case. You get a 360mAh battery, five pre-filled vertical coil cartridges, and a choice of grape, menthol, or flue cured tobacco.

For the brand new vaper, disposables are the prelude to a starter kit; a cheap way to find out what the hype is about. A regular disposable costs $8 or $10 and only comes in 24mg tobacco or menthol. In this case, it appears pricing is a bit out of touch.


They like their KR808 batteries at NHaler, and who wouldn’t? They are often preferred by newbies with some know-how. Greenwood Cartos carries compatible blanks, $14 for 5.

More APVs

The Groove 2 costs $72 and comes in Chrome or Gold. Its voltage is variable by increments of 0.1 from 3 to 6. Wattage changes by 0.5 at a time from 3 to 15. You can read the output voltage and battery voltage on a little screen plus atomizer resistance. It has a 510 connector, so the device can work with many tanks.


There is simply too much happening at NHaler. Tab after tab leads to countless products, a visual cacophony of them. Don’t come here until you know an Aspire from an iGo.