By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

In this NicQuid review, you will meet the four B’s of e-juice: Blast Fruits, Burst Menthols, Bliss Desserts, and Blend Tobaccos. This company from Dayton in Ohio does not make hundreds of e-liquids, but you could still spend a lot of time online reading about them all. That is because of their NicQuips: funny side notes or historical facts about certain plants or fruits. NicQuid is a founding member of AEMSA.

NicQuid.comBlast Fruits

A few of the fruit e-juices available are Pom Beach featuring pomegranate and strawberry, Blueberry Tart, and Peach Lemonade. Several others take you through the fruit basket of a summer day.

Blend Tobaccos

Midnight Express is probably a train somewhere, but at NicQuid it is a nutty, smoky tobacco. Daybreak brings you sweet, nutty, creamy tobacco. Try Soho for caramelized, nutty, sweet notes.

Bliss Desserts

Try Biscotti for a morning snack with coffee. Go for Banana Nut Bread at lunch. Cherry on Top (whipped cream and cherry) could make a wonderful after dinner dessert. It is all calorie-free, of course, which provides a distinct advantage over real biscotti, banana nut bread, and whipped-cherry desserts.

Burst Menthol

This is a loaded section, unusually so. Many firms go light on menthol or they offer the option to add it with another flavor when you place an order.

Added burst contains not nicotine. Most flavors are as strong as 24mg down to 0 as per your order. You know what you can expect from Apple Breeze. Mintoid blends peppermint, mint, and menthol, while Sinapse brings apple, cinnamon, and menthol together. Sinthol removes the apple from Sinapse. Menthol and candy fruit gum pair up to form Stripes. Summertime Tea is a refreshing iced tea beverage.

More about the Juice

So now you have some idea of what NicQuid flavors are: what are they made of and how much do they cost? Unfortunately, they are not as affordable as a lot of USA-made e-liquids. $4.89 for 5mls is terribly expensive, and $19.99 for 30mls is nothing special either, yet NicQuid is carried by various retailers.

At least you are paying for USP Kosher ingredients and GRAS food grade flavors. Do not ask about the ratio between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin: that is a secret. I much prefer transparency when it comes to consumables.

More about NicQuid

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There is also a loyalty program you can join, a way to benefit from your purchases without the pressure of trying to sell them too. Wholesale bundles are available for re-sellers, but regular customers can also benefit from buying multiple bottles of individual flavors at a discount.

If you want to chat, online agents are around, so long as your conversation is vape-juice relevant. They offer email support too.