Northwest Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

NW Vapors is an online vaping store offering special deals, generally good prices, and a selection of e-liquids. This Northwest Vapors review aims to dissect the site, establishing its highs and lows.

Stock Levels

My pet peeve with many companies is that stock levels are not well-maintained. You think you have found a supplier selling what you want, but their listings are regularly out of stock, and not just a few of them. Some vendors constantly fail to keep enough goods on hand. Northwest Vapors is not one of them: stock levels are a positive point.

nwvapors.comThe Webpage

Few webpages veer from the standard method of posting headings for atomizers, tanks, APVs and so on. The top of Northwest Vapors’s page is arranged a little like a book shelf: pull out a heading from the shelf to reveal a panoramic view of the Northwest from one angle or another; some lush, clean landscape you will be helping to preserve by stubbing out your cigarette butts once and for all.

ECigs and Kits

A disposable electronic cigarette costs $5 on this website: not bad for the item, but it could be better considering this is a re-seller buying massive amounts of stuff at once. Still, brand sites charge twice that most of the time.

The RIVA KGo kit is listed here for $39. Your package includes two pass-through batteries of 1100mAh each. Two atomizers, two cones, two USB cables, and 6 cartridges are contained inside a gift box. Cartridges are high, medium, and low (two of each).

A Mini CE4 Starter (650mAh) costs $20. Buy an ePipe (618) for $62.50 with two 18350/900mAh batteries, two blank cartos, an extra mouthpiece, and a classy box. It’s worth considering as a gift for someone.

Products Continued

Cartridges for 510/KGO/eGo kits come in packs of 5 for $4 when empty, $5 filled with camel, menthol, real tobacco, or vanilla e-liquid. Values are frustratingly noted as zero, low, medium, and high.


If you use blank cartridges or tanks, Northwest Vapors has e-liquid options galore. Pay $4.50 for 10mls unless you want 30 or 36mg of tobacco, in which case add $1. Dessert flavors include Peppermint Peach, Pineapple Dessert, and Apple Crumble. Seven Leaves is a tobacco variety. DJ Rum tobacco makes a change. Pricing is pretty good: few companies undercut Northwest Vapors.