PAX by Ploom

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

In spite of their differences, the Ploom and the PAX, both made by the same company, are very similar too. Each one is a vaporizing device, not an electronic cigarette or a cigarette. They are designed for use with dry herbs only, not liquids or waxy oils that are heated with some other, bigger multi-purpose vaporizing devices. Learn more about them both in this PAX Ploom Vaporizer review.


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Orbit Versus The Pax

What are they saying?

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‘My friends with a Pax are jealous’


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ploom.comThe PAX Vaporizer Unraveled

A lot of consumers have come across this device even while searching for electronic cigarettes. Some cross-over companies carry it among their eGos, noting, however, that for all its similarities to a vaping device, it is not the same thing.

Vaporizers of this sort heat up products like loose herbs (sometimes oils instead) to a temperature that does not burn the contents but gets them to the point the elements you want are vaporized for your pleasure. You can inhale the same types of leaves you once loved as a smoker but without the harmful toxins that go into creating a cigarette and are released by burning it.

No more second-hand smoke is produced, so you can vaporize in places where smoking is taboo. Grinding your herbs is highly recommended.

The PAX for $249.99 is no lightweight. It is smaller than the palm of a grown man’s hand, yet packs a wallop, heating herbs to cookie-baking temperature in 30 seconds or less. Consumers appreciate the convenience of its size versus the amazing capabilities of this device.

A tiny indicator flower with four petals shows when your device is ready to use. Motion sensitivity means that if you put your device down, it automatically drops in temperature until you hold it again. There are variable heat settings so you can choose high, medium, or low (375, 395, or 410F). In spite of its high maximum temperature, the anodized aluminum exterior never feels hot in your hand. If anything, on a cold day it will be comforting.

Pax by Ploom vaporizer

The pack comes with 5 pipe cleaners and 5 wipes for cleaning the device, something you should do regularly. Lubricant for the mouthpiece is also included with a lid. Between these cleaning features and the fact that the mouthpiece retracts, you should remain fairly safe from germs lingering where your lips were and never find the mouthpiece becoming stiff or dry.

A screen, AC wall charger dock, and sometimes other items if you buy from other suppliers are all included. Colors are amethyst, cobalt, emerald, and onyx. You use a rechargeable battery to keep it going, making it even better than a disposable cigarette in still another way: no more butts on the ground. Batteries can be recycled when they have spent their power too.

The Ploom: Poor Cousin?

For $39.95, you can afford a Ploom even if the PAX vaporizer is out of your financial reach. It might be more a matter of wanting to become oriented to vaporizing before deciding if a $250 device is worth investing in.

The Ploom fits into the palm of your hand and resembles a pen in pearl or slate. This one also warms tobacco: the real stuff, not a tobacco-flavored additive suspended in propylene glycol and glycerin. With the Plume, you know your desired temperature has been achieved when a circle glows brightly on the exterior. Use pods to insert tobacco easily and without mess or waste.

You are not going to enjoy the same level of control or the features of a PAX, but this is a great entry-level product, both discrete and sharp looking. It will fool a lot of people if that is what you want.

The Company

PAX and Ploom vaporizers are designed by San Francisco creators who then send their ideas to China where they are manufactured. This is one way to keep costs down.

Another way is to shop around. While the manufacturer’s website carries items at a list price as indicated above, you could find yourself a deal by heading to vaporizer websites, some e-cig/vaporizer websites, and multi-purpose vendors as well.

Who Will Buy a PAX or a Ploom Vaporizer Product?

These are designed for smokers and ex-smokers as an alternative means of experiencing the flavor of tobacco without its poisons and smell. What causes cigarettes to smell so bad is that the herbs are burned and so are the countless chemicals wrapped around and in them. Vaporizers do not use chemicals, just pure herbs (tobacco and others). These are heated so their key properties are released including what is often considered a pleasant aroma to the nostrils of people used to smelling burning cigarettes, which mask the true qualities of tobacco.

Vaporizers do not replace the sensations associated with smoking. Consumers do say, however, that this is as close as they can come and they are frequently pleasantly surprised. Many consumers have stopped smoking, thanks to the PAX and the Ploom.

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