Pink Spot Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Welcome to Pink Spot Vapors where, sometimes, e liquid is an XXX affair. I can’t say I am surprised: sex sells and is often utilized to sell e cigarettes. But it’s highly likely that many aren’t pleased either. Not every one finds women’s half-naked rear-ends plastered all over a label a pleasant sight, but clearly the tactic works for a huge sector of the American public because Pink Spot Vapors is doing a roaring trade. Find out what’s happening at Nevada’s premier e liquid company in this Pink Spot Vapors Review.

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PinkSpotVapors.comVendors all Over

Pink Spot Vapors are sold by vendors all over the country. You can visit them online where they run an easy-to-use website and usually describe products well. Purchase Pink Spot Vapors liquids from several vendors carrying assorted e liquids, including many award winners.

There are two shops in Nevada. The North Las Vegas store opens Monday to Saturday. Visit their South Las Vegas store seven days a week. You can’t miss this label if you browse even half a dozen general purpose e cig stores online.

New Idea

The latest idea from this growing company is to offer door-to-door delivery. Order $50 or more from their product line and receive delivery to your home, office, hotel, or wherever you are for $5. Right now they are concentrating on zip codes starting with “89”: that is, only Nevada.

The Flavors of Pink Spot Vapors

This is what you logged onto this review for: the flavors of Pink Spot Vapors. They carry 113 gourmet juices all made in the United States from US ingredients, food-grade, kosher propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and food-grade flavoring. The nicotine in their juice is pharma-grade as well.

You can look for a flavor by its category, but if you want to know what other people are vaping, check out their top sellers. Searching this way is often a good way to find a flavor you had never thought of trying before or just helping you to select from a very long short list. There are 15 best sellers. I won’t list each one, but they include Happy Ending, French Vanilla, Gummi Bear, Jamaican Me Crazy, Menthol, and Frozen Lime Drop.

Most of those are named for what they taste like. Happy Ending receives no description from the company, but reviewers have likened it to coconut cream pie, marshmallows, and other flavors. Jamaican Me Crazy features the flavors of island fruits. Notice that menthol is still popular in spite of there being 113 choices. This should tell you that Pink Spot Vapors gets their mixtures right but also that vapers don’t completely give up the flavors of their old cigarettes.

MandyAnother way to choose a flavor is to find out what Mandy is vaping under the heading “What’s Her Flavor.”

Who is Mandy?

I checked the staff bio section and could not see her: Mandy appears to be some gorgeous woman (pictured here, and in the video promo below) who looks good in photos and her current favorite is Ultra Violet (blueberry pomegranate).

I’d say co-owner Sandi would be just as beautiful in a photo and it would make more sense to cite her favorites when asking “What’s Her Flavor.”

There are 14 tobacco choices like Curious George (banana), Honey Cured, Outlaw (555), and Sub Zero. Among the 30 cocktails are Grape Lime Rickey, Golden Apple, Blueberry Mojito, and Grasshopper.

A 6-ml bottle is priced $5.95. Combine pricing with the number of places you can find their bottles of juice and it’s clear; Pink Spot Vapors must be popular. Why else would customers be willing to pay $1 per ml? In their case you are paying for quality. Choose between 0 and 36 mg of nicotine, rising by 6-mg ratios except at the top where the jump is 12 mg.

More than Great E Liquid

Pink Spot Vapors knows that if you are going to vape great e liquid, you should be using the best equipment to do that. Good stuff is wasted on terrible hardware. Choose the products they recommend to enjoy a satisfactory vaping experience. Pink Spot Vapors also carries disposable e cigs just in case there are clients out there still on the fence about e cigs.

Pink Spot Vapors has a soft spot in their pink heart for JoyeTech and carry several of their products such as the eRoll and eCab. Look for those and for parts to go with them at competitive prices. They’ve got the Kanger Protank 3 for the low price of $19.95 plus other tanks and clearomizers: BCCs, CE4s, etc. Check out cases and a sophisticated selection of leather holsters. These were created with particular devices in mind so they fit an MVP, SVD, Vamo, and others. When you’re packing heat, it should always be in leather.

If you are more of a mechanical mod kind of guy or gal, Pink Spot Vapors also carries several authentic devices. You chose the wrong place for cheap knock-offs. The Deus Prism V2 is serialized, dual telescopic, and comes in three colors. Choose limited edition gold, shot-blasted, or stainless steel.

A unique feature of the Deus Prism is its hexagonal shape, which allows one to place it on a table without it rolling off. Pay over $200 for that one, or for $0.05 under the $200 threshold you’ve got the Dook2 Platform Mod. Also a telescopic mechanical mod, the Dook2 is made by Thickclouds of the Philippines. The side firing button is a little bit unusual.

Pink Spot Vapors carries the Patriot RDA, Orochi Mod, Magma RDA, and Immortalizer RDA as well.

Some more Trivia about Pink Spot Vapors

Their website features a bio page where you can learn the names and faces of employees, plus some funny little details. Find out which staff member pepper-sprayed a co-worker within less than a week of being hired. Learn which one is said to be a vampire by night. Who plays ball? Which employee worked at Hooters?

It’s all a lot of fun and makes the experience more personal. Co-owners are Sandi and Penn, the latter of whom apparently has more metal in his body than R2D2. Pink Spot Vapors was founded in 2010.