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By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Premium Vapes has been climbing the charts at e-cig websites for a few years. In spite of its modest image, the script-style font of its brand name adds an elegant touch. Explore this Premium Vapes Review for more information.

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The Four Premium Vapes Starter Kits

Here is the list of starters from Premium Vapes: a Mini Kit, Get Starter Kit, Get Social Kit, and a Get Together Kit. Like all other brands, there is a theme running through the names, and they might sound sufficiently different that you think their configuration is different from the rest too.

Actually, it is all very much what you have seen before. The Get Together Kit is a Couples or Lovebirds package with double of everything, just like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke.

Premium Vapes Mini KitGood Things Come in Small Packages

The Mini Kit contains two 16mg cartridges of tobacco or menthol flavored e-juice. A single white battery and a USB charger are presented with them and the total is $19.95. The price is right: there aren’t too many cheaper versions of this basic beginner’s package.

Usually, you see it sold for around $29. I recommend it for someone who is tempted to try vaping but not sufficiently interested to buy a full starter kit.

Premium Vapes Get Started KitThe Basic Starter, Piece by Piece

Kit number two costs $59.95, so you have to make a fairly giant leap. It also contains a charging kit, two batteries, and 5 flavor cartridges. There are 15 colors of batteries including brown or green with marble or camo patterns plus pink and indigo.

They are suitable for men or women. Batteries for the Get Started Kit can be any of three sizes: Classic, Queen, or King (add $5 for a King-sized battery). Cases are also available in several patterns and colors, like zebra stripes, night tiger, silver, and pink.

For anyone unfamiliar with multiple battery sizes, Queen and King-sized batteries make the whole vaping pen longer and heavier than the usual cigalike or analog. On the plus side, a larger battery holds a charge for longer so you do not have to charge it so often.

Premium Vapes battery colors and patterns contribute to the brand’s unique style. The average company offers either a painfully limited selection of black and white, adds perhaps orange and stainless steel, or perhaps gives you a few extra solid colors.

Cases are usually pretty boring too (black, brown, or stainless) unless you go hunting online. Premium Vapes offers such a wide array that you can keep these in mind for gifts and even find a product for the fussy person who likes cigs to match his or her clothing.

For Social Vapers

The Get Social Kit does not come with all three battery options: presumably a King-sized battery is antisocial. You receive two batteries, a charging kit, car adaptor, and two cartridge packages rather than one for $99.95. I’m on the fence with this one: it does not appear to be $40 better than a Get Started Kit, but is still good value when combining all items separately.

Premium Vapes Get Together KitFor a Pair of Vapers

As noted, the Get Together Kit ($169.95) is just two Get Social Kits combined for a discount. Two of those would ordinarily cost $199.90. Although it sounds like a Get Together Kit is great for friends who vape together, couples, sisters, etc., there is another reason to buy a Get Together Kit.

Thinking ahead, all of the gear in this package will wear out or run out eventually. To buy chargers separately as extras for work, home, different locations, holidays, etc., would be much costlier handled separately. Therefore, numerous consumers choose the Get Together Kit (and equivalents) for personal use, not to share.

Flavors from Premium Vapes

There are over 20 flavors available from Premium Vapes, including apple, caramel, cherry, coffee, and Irish Cream. Choose 0, 6, 11, 16, and 24mg of nicotine. $12.50 for a five-pack is okay.

The main point is selection: much better than the menu from almost any mini e-cig company with the exception of White Cloud or Volcano. Most of the time, you’re lucky to have a selection of 10 flavors. The only cloud here is that Premium Vapes cartomizers (cartridges with built-in atomizers) cannot be refilled with e-liquid, which would offer a surefire way to save money by vaping instead of smoking.

Premium Vapes Accessories

Much of what you see above is available under “accessories” such as chargers and cases. Ash tip batteries are available in 14 colors, Crystal Tip in 9 colors, plus there are 7 colors of eGo batteries with top side buttons/LED lights. Regular batteries cost $19.95; eGos are priced $39.95. I cannot see why Premium Vapes sells eGos unless they plan to add clearomizers or tanks to their lineup, which would not be a surprise. A lot of e-cig companies have been selling both types of products together for a while.

Unusually, for an e-cig company, car adaptors come in 8 colors. Usually they are only black or white. It’s not as though that makes your shopping cart lighter, but color is important to your outlook on life.

Premium Vapes does not sell a portable charging case or replacement wall adaptors, which is a point against them. Both of these things are important. In their favor, shipping is always free. Consider that when pricing their starter kits and cartridges.


What is UTVG? This is the group responsible for Premium Vapes, Vape Master, Wanna Vape, and Flavor Vapes. Founded in 2008 UTVG comes from Virginia Beach. If you like Premium Vapes, thank UTVG.

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