Prime Vaping

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you read this Prime Vaping review and forget the business name, just remember the elephant. It is there at the top right-hand corner of their homepage as a declaration that their products are unforgettable. Items are listed under mods, accessories, starter kits, cartridges, and e-liquid.

primevaping.comMostly Liquid

The most important product Prime Vaping associates itself with is their selection of e-liquids. All of them are made in the United States using nicotine purchased from within the country.

Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are USP-grade and Kosher. Natural and artificial flavors are used to create your juice, but never contain diacetyl (associated especially with buttery things).

Samples come in three- or six-bottle sets. Otherwise, your 6ml bottle is priced $4.50 with 0 to 30mg of nicotine. Add extra flavor or change the propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio. Read what consumers who have been here before you have to say about individual juices.

Juice Flavors from Prime Vaping

There are three categories to look at: Sweet (32 flavors), Fruit (9), and Tobacco (15 varieties). I do not have much to say about fruit since if I asked you to name one off the top of your head, several companies have already produced a version of it.

Butterscotch Kisses provide a taste of cookies, as does Ooey Gooey Cookey with caramel. Cinnamon Pear trumps the usual blend of spice and apple. Pupmasters Pro, with a superhero dog in the picture, combines apple and caramel.

Killer Cowboy Tobacco is a semi-sweet offering. Love from Above blends mild tobacco with cocoa. For a bit of Nostalgia, malted chocolate and natural tobacco are brought together. Peach Tobacco adds a hint of fruity sweetness to the usual cigarette aroma and flavor.

Prime Vaping genuinely welcomes ideas for new flavors.


Beginning with Starter Kits, Prime Vaping brings you products by Joyetech, including the eVic. It is listed but without any products to show for the name. Oh well, maybe they were recalled. The Joyetech eCab is here plus generic eGo, eGo CE5, and eGo-C starter kits. Customers will also find something called an A7 mod.

The A7 costs $49.99 with an RBA. The kit comes with a tube, drip tip, head, two 14250 batteries, a charger, European adaptor, and 30mls of liquid. The low price has me feeling somewhat suspicious as that is what I’d expect to pay without liquid or batteries for most affordable mods. Just call it a great deal and run with it until someone notices and jacks up the price. A7 atomizer RBA kits are priced $14.99.

Prime Vaping Facts

Prime Vaping is owned by Johnathan Pfiester. This is a family business situated in Woodstock, Georgia. Although they welcome comments and would love to hear from clients, there is no actual store to visit. All purchases are made online and will be shipped.

If, for any reason, ordering items online makes you nervous, take some courage from the fact that the owner puts his name out there so he can stand behind products, shipping, customer service, and stand accountable for any problems you experience as a direct result of a Prime Vaping error.