By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

First of all, hats off to ProSmoke for contributing to cancer charities every month. This is a laudable way to spend company profits: by helping the many consumers who switched to vaping too late or are struggling to give up cigarettes, plus victims of second-hand smoke.

This is what e-cigarettes are all about: making a difference. Just stating as much on their home page draws attention to the issue and gives consumers added incentive to buy vaping pens for themselves or family members and friends trapped by cigarettes. Read the following ProSmoke review and discover what else there is to like about them and some negatives, because there are always some of those too.

Official Website:

ProSmokeStore.comDeveloped by Smokers

The founders of ProSmoke were once smokers too. This puts them in a good position to know what smokers need from beginners’ vaping equipment and what is not essential. They say that their e-cigs produce loads of vapor, more than any other brand, and last the longest of any e-cigs as well.

These are bold claims which some reviews bear out, but not all. In fact, a few forum comments show they are not highly regarded by the entire vaping community.

ProSmoke Categories

What you find at ProSmoke is the expected selection of starters, refill cartridges, disposable e-cigs, and accessories. They also carry a few starter kits. It is among the starter kits where I experienced some confusion.

ProSmoke Starter kitStarter Kit Confusion

The first one is a $59.99 selection with two batteries, an atomizer, 5 cartridges, the charging kit, a box, and a manual (which is not always included with a starter kit, if you were wondering). You have the choice of 8 flavors or a variety pack, 0 to 28mg of nicotine, and a black or white kit.

I find nothing startling here; nothing confusing either. The price is a little high though.

Next is the Super Starter Kit: $99.99. It comes with 4-cartridge packs (equaling 20 refills), 2 batteries, a portable charging case, atomizer, charger, A/C adaptor, and is $10 less than what looks like an identical kit called the Deluxe.

I looked it up and down to find out where the $10 and different name come from. What is special or different? I’m afraid I cannot answer that mystery.

Inexpensive Cartridge Refills

Each refill is plugged with a color-coordinated cork, an innovation in the business, apparently, that helps you recognize the flavor you are about to connect to your atomizer and battery. So long as you know what flavor you are about to vape, this is advantageous.

Select a pack of 5 for $9.99 — an excellent price — or buy bundles for less. They all contain a vegetable glycerin base for amazing vapor but less of a hit than you might be expecting, yet this is partially corrected by the atomizer which I will talk about a little later.

ProSmoke DisposableDisposable Convenience

Although they are not in keeping with green initiatives, disposables are popular. Feel a vaporizer between your lips and fingers. Try different flavors, in this case tobacco or menthol. Packaging is over the top, but it looks good.

Buy singles ($9.99) or bundles of 4 ($35.99) or mix and match. The nicotine level is 1.8% and they come in black. ProSmoke is not the home of colorful products for fashion-conscious vapers.

Pros and Cons

Some reviewers are a little annoyed that the threading of ProSmoke e-cigs is out of date, hinting at the age of their company. With unique threading no one else uses, there is no way to make their batteries or cartridges work with other brands, which might be the point. But it places unacceptable limits on consumers, which they have surmounted with other models.

The atomizer is a pro and a con. For that authentic warmth you miss from smoking, the atomizer is a plus. It warms the liquid more than cartomizers with built in atomizers do, and even contributes to a strong throat hit in spite of the vegetable glycerin-dominant liquid.

The reverse of this opinion is that a three-part e-cig is virtually unheard of anymore and more work to put together. Companies switched to two-part cigs virtually en masse some time ago. Numerous customers find the separate atomizer too fiddly, even if this makes for a closer-to-analog experience.

Leaking is a constant problem. Many customers commented on the fact that their cartridges arrive leaking, or even wet.

Another interesting note is the way ProSmoke colors their cartridges and batteries. Whereas aerosol is said to be used in the making of other brands, an electro-static method creates a longer-lasting finish at ProSmoke. Aerosol is also bad for the environment, and ProSmoke is considered a green company.

How Are They Green?

I was looking for recycling programs, but what I found was a pledge from ProSmoke to be environmentally friendly in the workplace. Their operations are located in an LEED-certified building. They aim to reduce emissions and encourage carpooling. Cleaning products are environmentally friendly too. They are also socially responsible, offering scholarship programs to eligible employees, hiring diverse groups of individuals, and supporting employees with flexible working hours.


ProSmoke might be falling behind in some ways, but in other ways they are up to date. For example, they run an affiliate program, the most modern and flexible way to make money. With almost no commitment or pressure, you can earn what it costs to pay for monthly cartridge refills, replacement batteries, or even a little more. Cover your student loan before leaving university. Pay for groceries or save for something particular.

Customers and website visitors can also become distributors or independent sales reps. If you believe ProSmoke will be able to compete in the coming year (it doesn’t have to be a long time), then create a business relationship with them. If returns are disappointing, end that relationship and switch to a different company, perhaps one that sells two-part e-cigs or advanced products.

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