Pure Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Pure Cigs is a popular e-cig brand. Based in America, Pure Cigs offers electronic cigarette starter kits, electronic liquid, electronic cigarette accessories, cartomizers and tanks in abundant varieties. All of Pure Cigs products are marked by ease of use and are economical to buy. Moreover, all the products differ by design and type.

Pure Cigs offers 7-8 different e-cig starter kits for beginner level and advanced users both. The starting price of the kits is $14.99 (the Express pack) but the price increases depending on the product you get. For instance, the iTaste 134 is available for a whopping $127.49 but it guarantees a much enhanced and improved e-cig experience. E-cig devices such as the iTaste 134 sport a much longer battery life and thicker vapor volume.

Pure Cigs also offers bottled e-liquid. Users can choose the flavor of the electronic liquid from 180 different options. Moreover, users can also pick the nicotine variation of the electronic liquid according to their tastes and preferences. On the other hand, e-cig accessories such as lanyard, cases, batteries, adapters, cases and others are available in large varieties and discounted prices at Pure Cigs.

Pure Cigs products can be acquired directly from www.purecigs.com. People who spend $50 or more can avail free shipping. Moreover, all of the products come with lifetime warranties.