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By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Roar Vapor is largely in the business of selling vapor juice. The company, run by a guy named Vapor Mike (mad scientist) comes from Jackson, Tennessee, and supplies a wide variety of liquid series like Poison, Truth Serums, Ecstasy, the Hawaii Series, and Cinnamon varieties. Each 11ml bottle ($6.50) contains between 0 and 24mg of nicotine as per the customer’s choice. Customers are urged to reach Mike via Twitter or business.

Several Series: Signature Flavors

The Truth Serum series includes items such as the rich and tropical Dawn of Truth. It tastes like a mixture of banana and coconut. Do not use the Dawn of Truth mixture with a plastic tank, writes Mike. It will corrode the tube.

Only use glass. Poison juices feature a RY4 base with added apple, peach, etc., to achieve a fruity, sweet tobacco with a hint of caramel. Items come in distinctive, even collectible bottles for each series which are an essential part of the attraction.

RoarVapor.comDrinks, Fruit, and More: a Roar Vapor Review

The only two drink-style vapes are Creamy Chai and Green Tea. Mike appears to have eschewed any interest in coffee-style flavors.

Fruits include the usual produce assortment plus Blapple: blueberry and apple. Customers will come to expect entertaining names for juices at Roar Vapor.

Under the “Sweets” heading, you are going to find Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate Dipped Banana, and Cinnamon Strapple (strawberry apple). Tobacco items include J55 — a nutty 555. Old Man’s Pipe is another tobacco-style juice. Menthol varieties are the usual.

E-Liquid Details

Not only can you choose your nicotine value but also opt to add some menthol to the juice you choose. There is a mixing chart for individuals who choose to make their own menthol juices, showing how many drops per 6, 11, 32, or 53mls to create a light, cool, strong, or too-strong mixture.


There is a little bit of hardware at Roar Vapor; just enough to make sure no vaper goes without ecigs. The eGo basic kit costs $18 with a CE4 Clearo, 11mls of juice (excellent, especially at this price), a 900mAh battery, and a USB cable. Essentially, you pay $4.50 for the kit since 11mls of e-liquid costs $6.50.


Advanced devices are also sold at Roar Vapor. They are the iHybrid Pure ($99), The Natural ($46), Smok Magneto ($60), and VV Gripper ($49.50). It’s a lovely blend of titles, all of them pretty well known.

More about Roar Vapor

Vapor Mike can be seen at Vapor TV regularly discussing e-cigs and e-liquids. If consumers wish to continue enjoying the freedom to vape, they are encouraged to support CASAA.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome at this new business. Being new, it is very possible Mike will be adding more equipment and new flavors, but what he won’t be doing is shutting down. His juice series and bottling formats are too special, and prices for other stuff are fantastic.

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