Rocky Mountain Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

I love the simple purple plumes forming the mountain that creates the Rocky Mountains logo at Rocky Mountain Vapor. That’s not the most important thing to say in a Rocky Mountain Vapor review, certainly, but when you see a lot of over-the-top logos, the pleasing, minimalist ones stand out.

RockyMountainVapor.comFor Starters at Rocky Mountain Vapor

A Joye eCab at Rocky Mountain Vapor, priced $44, comes in pink, blue, or silver and is in stock. The Joye eVic is also in stock. A lot of listings were red herrings elsewhere, which is why I have taken the time to point this out.

Buy the eRoll kit for $60 with two batteries, a portable carry case, two atomizers, and two atomizer cones for appearance’s sake. Joye 510 products were in the clearance section, so snap one up to get a smoker started with vaping and change her life (more than half of e-cig consumers are female by the way).

The Kanger eVod Starter Kit rolls in at $48: a great price. This one features two BCCs, two 650mAh batteries, the charging pair, and 5 eVod replacement coils.

Clearomizers and tanks are listed by brand. You would expect to see names like iSmoka, Vision, Smoktech, and Kanger, so here they are. Parts sold at the site allow you to keep a good tank going when pieces like coils and wicks have to be replaced.

Vapor Juice

Rocky Mountain Vapor from Breckenridge in Colorado sells vaping equipment, but the company is better known for its homemade liquid which has featured in reviews on YouTube, often positively. Saying they are good juices or not is up to the individual and depends on the juice being vaped.

Rocky Mountain Vapor sells so many that even if they received 3 to 5 stars much of the time, there would be a yucky one in there somewhere. $5 buys 10mls, but 30mls or 50mls are also available. Purchase empty bottles, and pick up liquid for flavoring your own juice. Nicotine climbs to 24mg and is a propylene glycol-dominant blend.

If you like Middle Eastern liquid, the Camel/Desert style is similar. Cappuccino, Coffee, and a USA mix tobacco are included in the list for 10ml bottles. The strange thing is that if you want a different strength of nicotine, you get a different list: 18mg juice is available in loads more flavors. Along with vanilla, apple, and 555, you could try orange, mocha, and Yunyan (a light tobacco).

Flavors are listed linearly, not featured with boxed pictures and just so many per page. Domestic shipping is free if you order $14 worth of stuff or more. That won’t take long. Even if you only choose three 10ml bottles of juice at a time you qualify.