RTD Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Randy Davis and his family own and run RTD Vapor. They opened the business in 2010 with a special interest in AW batteries, but there’s more; lots more. In particular, as this RTD Vapor review demonstrates, Randy and family are interested in high-end products.


Take the Kick, for instance, the real thing (Version 2) from Evolv. It costs $44.99. The Crown 2.0 is about the same. Both are well described on the page. A Kick 2 provides a DC-DC connector for higher maximum power than the original Kick. That means you get 5 to 15watt output, 6 amps, and 2 to 6.3 volts.

The Crown by Artisan Vaping combines variable voltage and wattages so you can switch between the two. A regulator built into the Crown protects your battery. The device fits onto 18mm, high-drain lithium batteries and comes with 6 power settings.

Add either of these items to your mod. If that process is beyond you, contact Randy for instructions which are also provided online at RTD Vapor in video form.

Mods from iHybrid (the Beat, Pure) were out of stock but expensive. Jemit Assets makes a V3 for $255, while the Sigelei Zmax V5 would cost $64.99. These two were also absent. So was every EHPro product they carry at RTD Vapor on a good day.

Now, don’t blame them. A lot of these are produced in modest numbers which creates tremendous demand, even for $255.

Atomizers, Cartomizers, and the Rest

If it ends with “izer,” RTD has it. Joye 510 LR, SR, and HV or 306 LR atomizers cost $9.99. If they are out of stock, you can tell because the red band that says “add to cart” is absent from a listing. This happened sometimes (such as when I searched for advanced mods), but not more than expected overall. Even the Kick 2 was in stock.

There are 17 cartomizers on the website such as Boge 510 stainless or black, Boge pre-punched cartomizers, XL, LR, and SR. They cost $7.99 for 5.

Drip Tips featured here were on the pricey side, starting with a Delrin for $3.50 and going up to $9.95 for Titanium. They are the right price for what they are, but you will not find cheapo acrylic items in their catalogue.

Instead, you can look up Cherry Vape Dream Tips (25 of them) and 48 Trippy Tips. Pictures for this last group in particular are way too tiny and dark and should be enlarged or just re-taken to avoid graininess. Tips include silver vase, bullet, dynasty, chrome angled, and some other styles known to vapers.

Accessories like Ekowool, battery cases, stainless steel mesh, and a Luer Lock Needle are not items you need every day, but when you do, be aware of RTD Vapor.

No e-Liquid but Ample Authorization

RTD Vapor has chosen not to sell e-liquid. They have enough going on, so good for them. It’s plenty that they are authorized dealers for Evolv, AW, Trippy Drip Tips, and Cherry Vape Dream Tips. Customers who want liquid are referred to a link that leads to Giant Vapes.

Other Notes about RTD

The site also contains categories for recently added and highest rated items, plus features. It is a sensibly designed website with lots of headings, but they are tucked tidily into their places. A poll asked what you would like RTD to offer, but regular viewers will see other questions plus results from recent polls.

Contact the company by email using the form provided. They are not available by telephone and no address is supplied. You do learn that they ship products from Bangor, Pennsylvania, and that shipping costs nothing once your order reaches $99. Packages should ship out within 24 hours.

Generally, this is a great site. I would like it if I could get in touch in other ways, but if they’re not going to answer the phone, there’s no point. Small businesses sometimes have this problem, listing phone numbers but without staff to pick up the receiver.

Also on the list are things like cases, chargers, tanks, and batteries. It looks like RTD has covered e-cig consumers from many angles without being all-purpose suppliers. They have chosen a focus and admirably stuck to it, which is hard amid the throng of other online suppliers baying at their heels.