Seduce Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There’s a snake in this review. He’s lurking around, and everywhere I turn there he is. Maybe it’s not just one but several snakes. I must be imagining things and it’s all because of the many reptiles in Seduce Juice pictures and titles.

The makers and owners of these juices are fascinated with the relationship between original sin and snakes; hence the repeated association. If you are an ophidiophobe do not read any further; do not look up their website; stay away from Seduce Juice. Snakes are all over it. Everyone else, welcome to a review of award-winning e liquid made in the United States.

SeduceJuice.comMaking Good Juice

Seduce Juice is made from 100% US products including non-reptile grade USP propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Flavorings are both natural and artificial. No mention is made of snake venom. Sweeteners and diacetyl have been excluded from their recipes.

Links to articles about diacetyl, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin lead to articles that explain these products further, but Seduce Juice goes some way towards satisfying your curiosity. You were going to ask, so the website writers decided to be proactive.

Ratios for these juices are 50/50 PG/VG, 30/70, or Max VG. Customers choose one of these but Seduce Juice recommends that e liquids remain at 50/50 simply because that balance provides good vapor and throat hit. A 30/70 or Max VG will give you excellent clouds of vapor but less throat hit and a thick juice, the viscosity of which an ordinary CE4 atomizer could not cope with.

Signature Collection E Juice

This is where you find those famous pictures of seductive, evil women and biblical titles suggestive of horror and sin (and sometimes gentler notions). A 10-ml bottle will cost you $5.99 and you can choose up to 2.4% nicotine, but that highest level costs an additional $0.50 because nicotine (especially quality nicotine) is not cheap. The highest bottle size was, until recently, 118 ml. Steeping is recommended with suggested times varying between products: usually one week or more.

Jango is a complex tobacco rated the most creative e liquid of 2013 by Guide to Vaping. Jango tastes like chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon besides tobacco of course. It’s not as familiar as RY4: Jango is a departure from what you already know about sweet tobacco.

Caesar combines melon, lime, and strawberry (as opposed to salt, vodka, and tomato juice). Snake Venom tastes like creamy peach and coconut, which is not at all what I would have imagined and, yet, somehow right. Try Frankincense to get in a Christmas-y mood: that’s strawberry and kiwi, obvious Christmas fruits in some climates, but definitely the requisite colors for that holiday season.

Black Jack is an excellent play on words: blackberry and jack fruit.

One flavor was in development (Chai Iced Tea) and could be sent out to random customers as part of a trial process. If it passes muster, this one will be added to the menu.

Goliath BottlesGoliath Bottles

If you like Seduce Juice enough to share it at a party with all of your friends (bringing new meaning to BYOB), the Goliath is a 750-ml giant perfect for the occasion. Choose your flavor and nicotine level and watch it drain quickly at your next birthday party. You’ll need extra small bottles too since dripping from a bottle that size is impossible.

Also at Seduce Juice

Customers will find Five Pawns and Five Pawns Mixology, People’s Vape, Ruthless, Space Jam, Suicide Bunny, High Roller Sweets, and King’s Crown at Seduce Juice. Seduce Juice has placed themselves amid good company. I’m impressed that the owners are confident enough to sell other top-shelf e liquid when vapor juice is Seduce Juice’s primary concern. The competition doesn’t worry them.

Box Mods

Seduce Juice Limited Edition Box Mods cost $149.99 each, which gets you a two-toned wood mod only. A cobra and “Seduce Juice” is laser-etched into each one. They don’t come with batteries or tanks so you’ll have to go shopping at another e cig shop for those. Each one is made from real wood and coated in carnauba wax.

Shops Selling Seduce Juice

If you bought the box mod but don’t have an 18650 battery for it (or the batter runs out), Seduce Juice has just the idea: go to a vendor where their juice is also on the menu boards so you can kill two birds with one stone. The brand is carried in Kansas, Alaska, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Canada, Spain, the UK, France, and more. Visit a brick-and-mortar store or find out which of these manages online orders.

Seduce Juice Review

Not everyone is a fan of all that skin and women in skimpy clothes acting like porn stars. Many consider it in very bad taste; trashy even. In places images are clever because you have to think about how Frankincense translates into kiwi strawberry or Black Jack becomes blackberry and jack fruit.

Juxtaposing scenes from the Nativity with Old Testament violence is interesting and eye-catching. Many other names of flavors will catch your attention. If you were a vaping pastor, you might be horrified by all the referencing and turned off right away.

I don’t think that sort of thing worries Seduce Juice employees or management. Their Facebook page has received more than 2,000 likes since February, 2013. They reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. Seduce Juice supplies customers with reward points for remaining loyal to the brand. ZampleBox carries their products. Spend your money here on their juice or one of the other great brands and use reward points to buy Seduce Juice e liquids.

To try their juices, find a store with a sample bar. Otherwise, visit the company at an upcoming event. They run regular sales and promotions on social media, so visit them on Facebook and Twitter periodically so as not to be left out.