Silver Surfer Vaporizer

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The people at 7th Floor in Colorado Springs took a laid back approach to the development of their Silver Surfer Vaporizer. I don’t mean that they were totally relaxed; I mean they literally laid the cylinder back at a tilt of 90° on a solid base. That angle makes the Silver Surfer distinctive and probably has you wondering why they chose this shape. Once you know the answer, you are going to wonder why the Da Buddha (also by 7th Floor) is not shaped the same way.

What’s the Angle at 7th Floor?

That angle is not just an aesthetic choice. Designers at 7th Floor in Colorado had a definite purpose. They chose to tilt the filling chamber away from the heating element because, otherwise, herbs could drop into the heater. You know what that would mean: burnt tobacco or aromatherapy products. Combustion spoils the purpose and pleasure of vaping because vaporizers do what the term suggests: they create vapor by heating materials until their moisture is released. It would also be messy.

So, why isn’t the Da Buddha set at an angle? I expect customers have discovered the importance of being a very good shot with their plants, but it is unclear why 7th Floor even bothered with Da Buddha. It’s really just a cheaper version of their first vaporizer.

Silver Surfer VaporizerThe Making of a Masterpiece

The look of a Silver Surfer is enough to make people talk, especially when it is not silver anymore but powder-coated and engraved. Hand blown glass features are further highlights of the machine. Inside, however, is where the real beauty lies. The heating element is made of only glass and ceramics: Alumina Ceramics, to be precise.

How is this Important?

Glass and ceramics are more fragile than stainless steel and hardened, heat-resistant plastic. If you wondered just how fragile, customers can tell you: the glass parts do not withstand a lot of knocking around. You have to treat them like, well, glass.

But glass and ceramics are also neutral. When they become hot, they do not release toxins into the air pathway. In other words, hardened plastic and even metal can give off a strange smell and flavor. It’s a compromise: fragility provides exceptional quality.

What is in the Box?

Your Silver Surfer is packaged with a padded travel bag so you can take it on holidays or to stay at mom and dad’s house without wrecking those delicate parts. There is a whip, glass-tipped stir tool, 2 replacement screens, and instructions. A vinyl tube, t-shirt, and heating cover are also included. That is the $269.99 package.

Customize your Silver Surfer

When you go to order your vaporizer from 7th Floor, they present several options. Beware: almost all of them cost extra money. Select a color, even black: that is extra. Get engravings done: pay for each one, including the one you designed and uploaded. Add a vapor tamer: a bulb with a curling inner stem which takes vapor on a ride, cooling it before it arrives, smoother, at your lips.

Those are some of the extra selections available. Of course, this means it could cost $600 before you finish. So, the Silver Surfer in its original format is just a silver, tilted cylinder and only $269.99 if you do not add anything.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

First, burn off that “new” smell by cranking up the heat and letting it burn for a few minutes. When you are satisfied that the device is clean, add herbs to the chamber. You will have to fiddle with the temperature to get your bearings and find out what value is best, a value that will differ between materials. An oil diffuser is available (again, for an extra dollar amount) if you want to use essential oils instead of herbs. Once you get the hang of heat settings, it is easy to use.

Circuits are sealed off from the heat so they do not become overheated and damaged. The outer shell is made from aluminum so it is sturdy.

Use this hands-free or with the regular wand. Hands-free devices come with a ground-glass wand so it does not move around. You have to move herbs around by removing the cover and using a stir stick. The traditional version enables you to evenly heat herbs as you stir, but it is difficult to do anything else like read or crochet.

Reports on the Silver Surfer

First of all, the Silver Surfer is an elegant beast; truly lovely to look at even when you only buy it in silver. Once you add custom options including more unique hand-blown glass items besides the knob and the end of the stir tool, these are works of art. Available graphics might put you in mind of a tattoo parlor and the standard offerings there. But, as you know, tattoo artists love to play with custom images, which is why you have the chance to design a picture and upload it.

Additionally, several rich colors are available. Certain retailers only offer black powder coating without any other design extras, but 7th Floor gives you a huge array of choices.

Customers rarely pan the Silver Surfer. They sometimes lack the enthusiasm seen in customers of the Volcano, but they are usually satisfied. Look around for as many reviews as you can find and see if you can catch a common theme regarding pros or cons. Then you are prepared to ask customer service about any tricks to avoid those problems before you spend $270, which does not include herbs by the way. Those are usually extra when buying a vaporizer.

Where to Buy the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

As mentioned, 7th Floor sells these directly from their website. Online and physical retailers also carry the Silver Surfer. Online pricing is usually cheapest, and this should qualify for free shipping with a complimentary grinder if you shop at the right place. As always, choose only reputable, well-known vendors when you decide to part with your money. That way you get the genuine article and the warranty that goes with it.