Smoke Relief

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Most of the companies selling e-cigs out of the United Kingdom are overcharging dreadfully. Smoke Relief remedies that problem with a line of affordable electronic cigs. Read this Smoke Relief review for prices and descriptions. They do not sell much but it’s a good start. Inexpensive Starter Kit

For £29.97, consumers are able to purchase a starter kit with a PCC (what they call a charger box). Two cartridges (menthol and tobacco) are included plus two lithium-ion batteries, a USB cable, and a charger. In that pack, clients are also treated to a five-pack of cartomizers in their choice of flavor.

Let’s do some math because that makes it easier to compare prices. If you receive about $1.70 for £1.00, this means your kit costs about 1.7 x 30. That amounts to around $51, which is fantastic price for so many items in a single kit, but even better considering what UK competitors are charging.

Mini Starter Kit

Here is another amazing starter kit: the Mini with a USB charger, 2 cartridges, 1 battery, and a pack of five cartomizers. It costs £9.95: about the same as other kits of this kind without five cartomizers.

Refills, etc.

Five-packs are priced £5.95, each one the approximate equivalent of 20 cigs. Flavors are limited though: tobacco, menthol, apple, cherry, cappuccino, vanilla, and peach.

Charging equipment is reasonable too. Pay less than 5 pounds for a car charger or mains charger; less than 4 for the USB. A spare battery is £6.95. Packs of four weigh in at about 24 pounds.

Final Features

As always, here is your chance: use the Smoke Relief product, assess the goods then decide if you would be willing to let your mother use it. If you like and trust the product this much, become an affiliate or a re-seller.

To find out how you go about doing either of these things, contact Smoke Relief at their Cheshire location by phone, fax, or email.