By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

SmokeStik lends its name to a brand of vapor sticks, not sticks that smoke. Company names keep playing with the idea of “smoke,” but it’s strange because they are promoting an alternative to smoking. Whatever you feel about their title, the important question is whether a SmokeStik review is positive or not.


When I opened their website, the first page I visited showed disposables for $12.95. This is not a good first impression: you should pay half that price. You only enjoy around 200 puffs (they say). Flavors are a little more open in contrast with lots of companies: cappuccino, strawberry, cherry, vanilla, tobacco and menthol.

Introductory Starter Kit

This kit is customizable and starts at $39.95. The price increases with a car charger and the addition of a flavor sample pack. One battery, two cartridges, and a carry case plus USB charger arrive with your starter if you are willing to pay this kind of money. I wouldn’t, not with one battery and two cartridges. If SmokeStik added a second battery or at least 3 more cartridges, I’d consider it.

A Premium Kit holds traditional-look e-cigs. The $80 kit features two batteries, a USB charger, an AC adaptor, and a car charger. With three cartridges (tobacco, tobacco high, and menthol), and a keepsake box, I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy.

The Jet (same as above) is priced $89.95, with a black battery and grey tip. The Hendu Kit comes with a stainless steel battery and purple diamond kit for $10 more (a Pink Kit costs the same).


Menthol and tobacco cartridge refills, five at a time, cost $14.95. That’s about the same as many firms. While brands frequently make up for the high price of cartridges by offering bulk savings, however, SmokeStik does not. If you can do the math, you know what 10 times as many cartridges are going to cost you.

XL cartridges, available in four extra flavors, cost $21.95 for 5. It’s not looking good for SmokeStik.


Maybe SmokeStik aims to redeem itself with their battery skins. These $1.99 accessories are very inexpensive and attractive, not to mention unique. I can show patriotism as a Canadian, Mexican, American, or Briton by wearing my national flag. A Confederate flag, snake skin pattern, and hearts also feature among the skins.

Shopping for SmokeStik

Assuming this review has not put you off, here are the locations where SmokeStik is currently up for grabs. Remember that re-sellers can charge virtually whatever they like, so they might increase their margin of profit or use wholesale discounts to sell for less.

The state where they are most widely available is actually a province: Ontario, Canada. Products are located in cities like Sault Ste Marie and Chelmsford. Look to Paducah or Central City, Kentucky, or a couple of Indiana shops if you live in the States. They are sold in pharmacies, smoke shops, and corner stores.

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