By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

SmokeTip is one of the early companies in this exploding market, and here’s how you can save some cash.

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Company Review

To give Smoketip some credit, the company has enlarged its selection of products and the website is more complete than it was just a few months ago. They are making progress. Does this Smoketip review recommend them? Look closer at this cigalike model and what it has to offer.

SmokeTipEarly E-Cig

Smoketip was among the first brands of electronic cigarettes to come out and has been slow to change their products and website. Other brands have rapidly overtaken them, leaving Smoketip somewhere near the bottom of performance tables in some reviewers’ estimations.

They offer one starter kit, being true to the notion that what you need does not change: that is, a wall charger, USB charger, cartridges, and two batteries. “Two” is the magic number because you legitimately need two batteries with a cigalike starter kit.

Give Smoketip a thumbs-up for creating a decent beginners’ package that isn’t too fancy and pricing it reasonably at $39.95. That is competitive.

SmokeTip CartridgesSmoketip Cartridge Flavors

Offering over 20 flavors to customers in the form of pre-filled cartridges is really impressive. A list of 6 to 10 is standard elsewhere and generally not enough. Smoketip recently added some more.

The menu consists of 3 tobacco blends, fruits, cinnamon, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, light menthol and regular menthol. The addition of almond is an interesting choice. Those three tobacco styles are Sahara, Cowboy, and Regular.

Cartridges are color-coded. When a user adds one to his battery, the effect is like adding the colored lid to a felt tip pen: kind of goofy, unlike a cigarette, but if you choose a tobacco style the whole thing resembles a cig.

Each pack of five cartridges costs $15.95. This is the first negative in what has been a positive review so far. Only Green Smoke charges more. On the positive side, a flavor of the week is sold in packs of 5 for $8. If you like this one you are in luck.

Packs of cartridges in 3, 6, or 10 come with free extras: a battery with three packs, battery and charger set with 6, or a free regular kit with 10 packs of cartridges. This makes up somewhat for high prices. Smoketip will match lower prices too, but they must realize there are comparable cartridge 5-packs selling for $9.95.

SmokeTip DisposableA Small Selection of Disposables

Smoketip carries disposable electronic cigarettes in just two flavors: Cowboy tobacco and Menthol. Disposables are used once and thrown away or recycle. Most companies that carry one-time-use cigs do the same. They cost $9.95 (normal, not great), but you can buy five of them for $39.95.

An e-cigar is priced $19.95 and I have rarely seen one sold for a different price. They are all much the same as the others you find, working for more than 1000 puffs.

There is no indication online that Smoketip runs a recycling program or encourages their customers to recycle. Something like this would add a green angle to their outdated reputation.

Charting E-Cig Accessories

Smoketip now carries a selection of accessories including wall, USB, and car chargers, a cleaning kit, and a carry case. The case costs $14.50. Extra batteries are priced $18.95 each. That is horrendous (as are others in the market around this price). What you can do, though, is to buy ten or more and save anything from 20 to 40%. A pass-through battery is priced $19.95.

You can now buy their batteries in four colors: white with an orange light, black or chrome with a blue light, or pink with a green light. Pink and green: who thought of that?

Interestingly, a portable charging case for $18.95 carries 1 battery and 2 cartridges which is a decent price. You could do with one of these. Smoketip batteries are normally only 180mAh, but a 350mAh battery sells for $24.95 in white only. Use this with their cartridges for more vaping before you have to charge.

A Few Words about Smoketip Performance

There has been serious inconsistency in reports about Smoketip batteries and customer service. Either agents are excellent and respond promptly to complaints or they get one star out of 10 and are terrible.

Shipping is pretty fast, but the battery is not consistent. Chargers give people problems too. Some clients consider this an expensive brand in comparison with others in spite of free shipping.

Comparing prices is difficult because shipping has to be factored in. I personally find Smoketip prices reasonably similar to competitors’ when shipping is factored in. Support is available 24/7.

Last Thoughts

Electronic cigarette companies are springing up all over the United States and Europe. One can select from countless brands, some of them not much newer than Smoketip, others just getting started. While some changes in the makeup of e-cigs are more hype than anything else, Smoketip could perhaps do with an overhaul.

While they have enjoyed loyalty from some customers who credit Smoketip with helping them to quit cigs for good, even their loyalty is waning in the face of better, more consistent and reliable products. I’m hoping they keep up with the other brands for this is one of the first I tried and it is a decent e-cig!