South Beach Smoke

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

How does a brand of electronic cigarette remain among the top-rated, top-selling products in this industry with so many other brands to compete with? There has to be a winning formula, and no matter what reviewers think, it is sales that count.

It could be their pricing, the range of starter kits, their image, or “brand name” status. Just being familiar and established encourages consumers to trust the brand above many others that are newer.

Starter Kits: First things First

Starter kits enable consumers to put first things first when they get started with vaping. South Beach Smoke carries several. Their Deluxe for $59.99 provides two batteries, a SuperMax standard battery and the SuperMax extra. Also included are the USB charger, wall adaptor, and ten large nicotine cartridges. I do not know what they mean by “large” because these cigs are roughly the same size as other e-cigs.

Their Deluxe Plus ($89.99) adds a power cigarette (needing no battery as it plugs into a USB port), a car adaptor, and a universal carry case to the above package.

For $159.99, a Deluxe Ultimate Kit comes with a third battery, this one a SuperMax extra with a manual switch. The others are automatic, meaning they warm the liquid whenever you puff. A manual battery allows the vaper to turn the atomizer on and then puff, making it easier to draw.

Also in this set you will find a portable charging case, which frequent travelers absolutely must own if they vape seriously. Traveling sales people and individuals who spend a lot of time at various places for meetings or to inspect properties and doing other routine activities are too far from a USB/wall adaptor charging set for too long. To keep batteries charged, they must carry a PCC with them.

The Deluxe Ultimate provides 20 cartridges and a lanyard, as well as everything found in a Deluxe Plus.

For couples, there is the $109.99 set: two Deluxe kits with two car adaptors. If you see yourself wanting all of the equipment in a Deluxe times two, buy this kit. You will be grateful for the batteries, at the very least.

Finally, the cheapest kit is worthy of a mention: the Reusable Express. $21.99 gets you two cartridges (menthol or tobacco), a single battery, and a USB charger. This is an introductory kit at a good price where many brands charge nearly 50% more. Think of South Beach Smoke if you want to tread lightly in the world of e-cigs for now.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes from South Beach Smoke

All of the batteries in the starter kits are rechargeable, as they should be. If vaping is going to be environmentally preferable to smoking analog cigarettes, e-waste has to be minimized. There are appropriate times, however, to choose disposable items over rechargeable ones.

For example, when you are experimenting with e-cigs, it is convenient to try disposable items you simply recycle when they are done. They are wonderful for traveling if you do not own a PCC or car adaptor.

Otherwise, the disadvantage (besides wastefulness) is price. Four of them cost $11.99 (an excellent deal for brand-name disposables, but add it up over time and re-fills with rechargeable batteries are cheaper). Buy 8 for 22.49 or 12 for 22.99. There are no singles on the South Beach Smoke website.

Cartridges: a South Beach Smoke Review of Flavor

Here are the flavors available from South Beach Smoke, including their newest varieties. They offer tobacco or orange mint, watermelon, and Frank’s lemon-lime; double-apple or grape hookah; peach, pina colada, and cherry; peppermint, chocolate, menthol, and vanilla. Their three tobacco styles are Golden, Classic, and Blue.

A write-up under each flavor describes these tobacco flavors fully so you can compare them to analog cigs and predict what they will taste like, but do not get your hopes up. Most vapers agree that, especially with pre-filled cartridges in mini cigs, tobacco is far from authentic.

The biggest down-side is that you cannot buy 1 pack of five but have to commit to three packs of five ($39.99), 6 packs ($69.99), or 45 ($99.99). The first option works out to around $13 each, which is expensive compared to comparable brands. Are they really “large” cartomizers as indicated above? I hope so for this price.

Accessories from South Beach Smoke

You will need to replace batteries after some weeks or months, depending on how often you vape. A high-capacity battery is priced $22.95, providing the equivalent of 500 to 600 puffs. The standard for $17.95 offers 300 to 400 puffs, or so the site claims. Take these claims with a pinch of salt. A 3-pack of batteries (either size, automatic or manual, black or white) costs $49.99, an especially good price if you are in the market for extra-powerful batteries.

The Deluxe PCC (for South Beach Smoke products only) costs $49.99. That is high, but you can store up to 6 cartridges and 1 standard battery inside. The power cig is priced $14.99. This is a handy item to own, so if you do not buy a starter kit that carries one, purchase it separately. You can use it when your batteries are charging, if one runs out while another is charging, if you leave batteries somewhere or lose them.

This range of products helps to explain why South Beach Smoke is still so popular, and they added flavors to compete more fully with eGo e-cigs and some brands like Volcano with their extensive menu of cartridges. Even though they are a little expensive, South Beach Smoke products are generally reliable, they run a successful affiliate program, and customer service receives good ratings.

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