South Smoke Shop

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you own a smoke shop these days, it seems you have to branch out and sell electronic cigarettes too. When you scan locations where certain brands are sold, they are frequently carried at smoke shops. E-cigs are the healthier, cleaner wave of the future, and cigarettes will eventually meet their doom.

At least, that is what the majority of people must be thinking and hoping. South Smoke Shop has certainly embraced the future with their selection of electronic cigarette products sold alongside traditional tobacco items.

SouthSmokeShop.comA South Smoke Shop Review

South Smoke Shop starts in Miami, Florida, but there is a web of distributors and stores reaching further into the country, not to mention internet sales taking them even further. The business started in 2005, a short time before e-cigs really took off.

You can buy cigarettes and cigars, but expect these to give way slowly to items like disposable electronic cigarettes and hookah pens, electronic cigars, and rechargeable e-cig kits plus e-liquid in bottles and possibly cartridges.

Many Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

The category “disposable e-cigs” also contains e-hookahs, which use the same technology but are typically available in lighter nicotine levels (or zero) and usually sweet flavors. The outer shell is the same shape, weight, and length as an e-cig and analog, but the colors are vivid.

Prices for disposable items range widely because companies put different price tags on their products. Thus, a disposable electronic cigarette could cost as little as $5, or as much as $12. Sometimes you get a deal, sometimes you don’t, but these are not usually the best known brands around either, so some are not even sold from a brand site. Only distributors can purchase products in wholesale quantities.

Brands of Disposables

These brands include XEON, Hukka2Go, 24/7, E-Swisher, Voodoo, E-Tron, and Naked Vapor. They also sell White Rhino, Hookah Stix, and V2 Cigs products, all of which are available online without visiting a tobacconist.

Flavors of Disposables

This variety of companies and prices also provides a range of flavors. Try chocolate mint, white grape, vanilla cream, or dark cherry. Taste a sunny peach, menthol, tobacco, wild blueberry, or menthol. Purists might gag, but vapor is different from smoke. It is supposed to smell and taste good, not just satisfy a nicotine addiction.

A Few Starter Kits

There are few choices of starter kits at South Smoke Shop. Don’t come here expecting to find portable charging cases, numerous charging devices, or double-battery packages for lovebirds.

A starter kit at South Smoke Shop from Cloud Vapor costs $12.99. This comes with one 650mAh battery in black, a cartomizer, and a USB charger.

You probably expect to pay at least $19.99, but it sells here for $12.99. There isn’t any juice though, but it will suit a tentative vaper who can find e-liquid on the site separately or search somewhere else.

White Rhino kits are available as well with a USB charger, tank, and battery for $22.99. They come in numerous colors: white, yellow, pink, green, etc.

South Smoke Shop Sells E-Liquids

South Smoke Shop sells vapor juice by White Rhino for $6.99 per 10mls, Crown in 30ml bottles for $3.99 on sale, and Solid Gold for $3.95 in 30ml bottles. They are not the most popular choices for vapers. Flavors are few: watermelon, vanilla, strawberry from White Rhino, for instance. Those 30ml bottles are priced so low one would have to wonder if they are past their shelf life or nearing their end-date, or if the company just wants to get rid of them for better-selling products.

Tons of E-Cig Styles

Thanks to the extensive list of brands featured on the site, there is tons of choice in terms of style. You can select a cigalike with its white and yellow analog coloring, the kind of deceptive product that blends in with cigarettes. Opt for a colorful e-cig instead so your vaping grabs attention and starts fruitful conversations.

Shipping and Other Notes

Their website is designed so that finding what you want is easy and each item is presented on its own, even if it is the same item as the one next to it except the color or flavor is different. On the downside, items are not all that well-organized. A bit of tidying up would be appreciated.

When it comes to minimums for free shipping, they don’t come much higher. You have to buy $150 of goods to qualify at South Smoke Shop. International shipping is available.

You can visit South Smoke Shop online at Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Youtube, and G+1. They offer secure phone orders and an affiliate program too.

Will customers shop here for electronic cigarettes?

That is a good question. Some consumers are affronted by the idea of any business that connects tobacco companies and e-cigs, especially if they are owned by tobacco giants.

Is this the same thing as selling the two side by side?

That has to be a matter for personal opinion, but whatever you decide, there are plenty of other choices online in the United States and no reason to compromise. Pricing is good here, but their strength at South Smoke Shop as far as e-cigs are concerned is their variety of disposable products for vapers.