Square E Cig

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

First of all, Square E Cigs are cylindrical. I had to get that off my chest because people are talking. They get to the end of Square E Cig review and wonder why it is called “square,” as though they have been fooled somehow. Maybe the name has something to do with being “fair and square,” as this firm hopes to be with its customers.

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The $6.50 disposable from Square is not just well priced but also solid. Many disposables feel too lightweight to be worth half that amount.

You could pay as much as $8.99, but even that is reasonable for the market. Look around your local shops for a deal. The vapor runs out fairly quickly, just so you know. Two hundred puffs are more likely than the estimated 500, but this is the only complaint I have encountered, and a fairly common one for disposable electronic cigarettes.

Rechargeable kits called “Reload” cost $19.99 with two cartridges, a USB, one manual battery, and a sharp-looking flip-top case. They come in menthol or tobacco, 18mg. Pay $9.99 for five refills of U.S.-made liquid such as cherry (18mg), Red (0, 8mg, or 12mg), strawberry (18mg), or vanilla (18mg). A replacement battery costs $7.99. I like these prices, though selection could be better.

Extra-large Disposables

Usually, your choice of disposables is a mini cig or another mini cig. A 650mAh battery with 3.0mls of liquid will not feature. Square E Cig changes the formula by offering exactly that and charging $9.99 each. Buy Red, Minty, CMYK (tropical), Island Hopper, Malibu Silk, Magic Melon, Momma Mia, Royal Dagger, or Old School Tobacco. That at least partially responds to the flavor issue.

A Starbuzz E-Hookah also pops up on the Square site. This is a big thing you have to be confident to pull out of your bag. The lump in your jacket pocket would look like a weapon.

Official Website: http://squaresmoke.com