Starfire Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Starfire is most commonly compared to Blu Cigs if you want to compare them to anything. They are about the same size but are not compatible with each other. When you read comments about them, though, weighing up the similarities and differences between these two brands of mini electronic cigarettes can help you understand what reviewers are talking about. In particular, you want to know how long batteries last because that is the most frustrating thing about mini cigs: short battery life.


Starfire Cigs BatteriesBatteries

When you read that pretty much every mini e-cig is the same thing except for their logo, that’s not exactly true. They do not all use the same batteries and some batteries last longer than others.

Certain ones will accept cartridges from other brands. A review showed Blu giving out about 1/3 the number of puffs versus Starfire.

I have also read a Starfire Cigs review indicating they are quite nice units in this class, producing a lot of vapor. This could be down to their use of U.S.-made vegetable glycerin and omitting propylene glycol. As for looks, their batteries are nothing special with not bright colors or patterns.

Starfire Cigs Tobacco CartridgesCartridges

As expected, using vegetable glycerin liquid means your throat hit will be weak, but at the expense of throat hit you get propylene glycol-free juice. This will be reassuring to some readers.

There are nine flavors of cartridges at Starfire Cigs. They are Premium Tobacco, Turkish Tobacco, Menthol Ice, French Vanilla, Gourmet Coffee, Cherry Blast, Watermelon Splash, Appletini, and Juicy Peach. They only come in three nicotine values: strong (24mg), medium (12mg), and zero.

This is going to be a disappointment to many smokers intending to quit. There is no slow way to reduce nicotine and to mitigate the side-effects of lowering your intake if you vape with Starfire, not that everyone wants to do that anyway.

Refills cost $9.99 for a packet of five or $99.90 for 55. You usually pay anything from $3 to $7 more, so you have found a great price.

Starter Kit

With only one starter kit at Starfire Cigs, you do not have to sift through the confusing choices and add up contents to arrive at prices vs. value. A single kit costs $59.95 and comes in black or white. Neither version is startlingly beautiful to look at. They are designed to resemble cigarettes, not perform like wardrobe accessories.

Starfire Cigs Starter Kit

A starter kit contains two batteries. If you order black ones, they are diamond-tipped with blue LED lights. White ones are topped with red LED lights, also diamond-tipped. Your battery should last at least an hour if you vape solid and only takes half an hour to charge.

Also in the package you will find a portable charging case capable of carrying two batteries and up to 6 cartridges. The price tag justifies itself right there. Their portable charging case resembles a cigarette package. A USB and AC adaptor are included, of course, and 5 cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength. With the purchase of two starter kits, customers receive a free car charger.

A Mini Kit, listed under “accessories,” equals one full e-cig with a USB charger. Pay $19.99, a decent price. You will not miss the second cartridge (in tobacco or menthol) usually included in a comparable kit. A Mini Kit simply gives the curious customer a way to learn how to operate a rechargeable cigarette for less than the usual $30 fee.

Starfire Cigs DisposablesDisposable Electronic Cigarettes and E-Hookahs

Starfire disposable products all cost $9.99 for one, so you’re not getting any kind of fantastic bargain. Some re-sellers undercut this, but you will probably pay about the same amount of money in almost any shop.

Your one choice for disposable electronic cigs is 24mg of nicotine and there are 5 flavors: Menthol, Premium Tobacco, Turkish Tobacco, Watermelon Splash, and Juicy Peach. You will appreciate that there are extra flavors to choose from unless you have bought disposables from White Cloud, where selection is incredible and a lot cheaper.

E-Hookahs come in 0 or 6mg of nicotine and 6 flavors. These are Blueberry Mint, Juicy Peach, Red Energy (like an energy drink), Berry Blast, Tropical Smoothie, and Melon Mist. To receive a bargain, buy five e-hookahs to get one free. Purchase ten electronic cigarette disposables and receive two free.


I already indicated one accessory, the mini kit. Besides this, Starfire carries its own portable charging case and charging units. These are car adaptors, wall adaptors with 220V or 110V, and USB chargers. Both the car adaptor and 110V AC adaptor cost $12.95. A hat and a shirt are also listed if you like to promote vaping.


Customers earn rewards in a number of ways. For every $1 they spend, a single point is allocated to customer accounts. There are rewards for referring friends, writing reviews, liking Starfire on Facebook, and voting on subjects they post. A chart lists how many points are required to receive a percentage discount off of specific products or to receive that product free.


A factor a lot of people might forget when sizing up prices for starter kits and cartridges is shipping. It is not usually free. Starfire offers free shipping only when you spend $100 or more or when you sign up for automatic shipments of cartridges each month. Factor this into the overall cost of cartridges, etc., and you wind up with a more expensive product than you first supposed unless each order is auto-shipped or $100-plus in value.

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