Stormy’s Vapor Cellar

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Is Stormy’s Vapor Cellar really an underground business, or is the lab located in a cellar? Perhaps the business began with a hobby undertaken in the owner’s Macon Georgia cellar. It sounds like a great place to take part in vapor juice experiments, and also to store wonderful wines if you want to mix flavors and keep company with non-vapers who prefer the grape over vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Who says they cannot go together?

Stormy’sVaporCellar.comStormy’s Vapor Cellar Review

There are not too many things said about Stormy’s Vapor Cellar online, just a couple of really poor ratings referring to the physical shop. I am not sure what to make of those as they are so bad, but there are only two of them.

I would say wait a while to see if issues are resolved and there is more chatter online. Ask around, especially in the Georgia area, where vapers are sure to have heard of and even tried their products and tested their services.

The Product Lineup

Stormy’s Vapor Cellar carries Terminator products and accessories. These include the Hercules RBA (an Ithaka Clone) and related pieces like the mouthpiece, Terminator V2 Tank, atomizers, and ceramic cups for the T2 Euphoria.

Stock is noted right at the outset, so if they are out of something you will not be searching right up to the check up before discovering your hunt was fruitless. Generally I see few  “out-of-stock” notices.

Some genuine Joyetech items sold here are lanyards and cases. Other versions in the catalogue are made by Innokin, or they carry the eGo label. A leather case for the Innokin MVP/VTR costs $18.99, a fantastic deal. Another fun Innokin item is the UCAN juice dispenser with a key ring attachment.

Otherwise, Stormy’s Vapor Cellar does not usually carry the ordinary Chinese brands of eGos and APVs. Instead, their hardware is along the lines of the Golden Rainbow RBA and Pali V4 SS R/A Tank. A Smoktech Pyrex RSST Genesis Atomizer is $39.99. The AGI Titanium RBA is the same price. Buy an AGA-T2 + Genesis with a Pyrex tank ($26.99). Thirty-six RBAs are listed. A Dream BT 804 Tank costs $20.99.

Drip shields are anodized or acrylic of $4.99 for use with 510, 901, and 801 products. Pass-through batteries, Li-Ion batteries, IMR batteries, and more are stocked too. Buy a carto punch tool if you do not purchase pre-punched Boge cartomizers. Vinyl decals promote Stormy’s Vapor Cellar for $3.99. Most of their items carry appropriate price tags.

E-Liquid at Stormy’s Vapor Cellar

Innevape provides the kosher liquid sold here in 15ml bottles for $9 ($16.99 for 30mls). Their ratio is 70% vegetable glycerin, 30% propylene glycol.

Beehave is honey flue cured tobacco. Caramel Vapuccino emulates cappuccino but with a touch of mocha and Irish Cream. Carousel could be a cotton candy smoothie. Tobacco and Cherry becomes Cherry Bomb.

Several TNT Black Label tobacco flavors add fruits such as strawberry, mango, peach, and apple. Consumers can also purchase DIY liquid including flavors by Capella and Perfumer’s Apprentice. Buy propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, empty bottles, accessories, nicotine, and head to your cellar for a glass of wine and a scientific/culinary session.

Details about Stormy’s Vapor Cellar

Stormy’s Vapor Cellar receives an A- from the Better Business Bureau. They offer coupon codes on e-cig forums. Choose them as a wholesale supplier. So far they sound as kosher as their liquid. Besides, you can always contact them online or place a toll-free telephone call and sound out the employees for knowledge and professionalism.

This Georgia e-cig company charges transparent, flat shipping rates. For $4, you get regular USPS or pay $8 for priority service. International shipping is available for $14 or $30. Express domestic shipping cost $32.