Super T Manufacturing

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Super T Manufacturing started out in the business of making parts for cars about a decade ago. In recent years, the business has seen enormous potential in the electronic cigarette industry and has branched out to supply this field with specialist metal parts.

A Super T Manufacturing review yields a few surprises about what types of things can be done with metal and how there is always room for new inventions. To learn more about Super T Manufacturing, visit their Facebook page or log on to Twitter.

SuperTManufacturing.comVaper’s Friend

For example, patent is pending on the Super T Vape Mate. This juice feeder is one part anodized, machined aluminum and one part glass. Two air holes are present: one a big drain air hole, the other to allow juice to go into your tank.

This small, practical juice filling device accepts most 510 and 901 tips. It costs $59.99 and comes in black, blue, red, satin, or silver with a sight glass attached. Blemished items still work just as well but there could be dents or scratches on them. These sell for $29.99 each.

Drip Tips

In the place of acrylic, glass, and Delrin drip tips, Super T Manufacturing carries engraved, stainless steel T-Tip Drip Tips, Kofun, contoured, snub nose, Velocity, and loads more. They are not $2 tips but are made of solid and expensive metal.


Batteries and chargers supplied here come from AW, Panasonic, Trustfire, Pila, XTAR, and Ultrafire. They also sell battery cases. Super T carries atomizers, calipers, and multi meters.

The best thing on their list, arguably, is the coveted Kick 2 by Evolv. This is the real thing for $44.99, and gives your mod a literal kick.

Also at the site are the Precise Strata and RDA for the Precise Strata Mod. If stock is in, you know it right away and there can be some stock problems with USA-made products created in limited batches. Not only do you know if an item is available, but how many there are.