Sweet Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The website for Sweet Vapes put me in mind of a candy shop. It features a bright, striped background of pink suggesting sweetness, almost cloying sweetness, but their flavors are balanced between fruit, tobacco, and candy, etc. Sweet Vapes is located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and is run by Dayna and Chuck. This makes a change from Florida and California which seem to dominate the industry.

sweet-vapes.comFront Page News

The front page lists recent items of news and features like shipping costs. There is information for vendors buying wholesale shipments for re-sale.


Check the headings for discounts, gift certificates, insurance information, and DIY supplies. Use this spot to scope out atomizers, batteries, Mods and APvs, accessories, cartomizers, clearomizers, and starter kits. Remember that vaping is supposed to be fun, which is the sense you get from this page. It is also a gift, so think of this as a gift shop for yourself or someone else.

The Main Attraction

The major feature of the Sweet Vapes review is their liquids, which are organized under numerous headings like breakfast, candies, etc. There are 9 breakfast items, 29 candies, 12 coffee/tea flavors, 19 desserts, and 5 snacks. They also carry drinks, tobacco, and miscellaneous flavors. Do not add those all up and think you have arrived at the number of their e-juice varieties because some are featured under multiple headings.

Breakfast could be French toast or blueberry pancakes with syrup or a blueberry waffle. Maybe you prefer sugar straight up in the form of a chocolate glazed donut.

Sample candies you love such as Skittles, pillow mints, green apple bubblegum, coconut candy, or chocolate truffles. There is always a play on the familiar at these e-juice vendors, and the chocolate truffle is one such. As always, your dentist will have nothing to hold against you if you vape without chewing and it’s tough to turn vapor into calories too.

From coffee and tea, you receive nutty coffee and a Starbuckets coffee. I wonder who they could be thinking of.

Desserts such as vanilla cake batter and butter pecan ice cream are a little out of the ordinary. Three types of popcorn are listed under “snacks.” Returning to vanilla cake batter, consider that as a base and buy some as a DIY liquid. It would give structure to a blend involving one of the many other sweet flavors or a fruit style.

Honeysuckle is a miscellaneous flavor you do not see every day, one with unusual notes you might want to explore during a particularly adventurous shopping trip online. Under Tobacco, they carry a house blend that is light and complex. It combines Spanish Gold, Special Reserve Flue Cured, Red Tobacco, Virginia, Desert Ship, and House Blend tobaccos.

Horchata, Berry Smoothie, Cherry Slushy, and Hot Chocolate are all drink-style vapes. Remember how I mentioned the way companies play with a theme? Hot chocolate is another example of this; something overlooked in favor of mocha or straight chocolate much of the time.

A 6ml bottle of Sweet Vapes vapor juice will cost you a whopping $4.95. You can ask for extra flavor and as much as 30mg nicotine per/ml. Further juice headings are 100% vegetable glycerin, organic, cold shots, signature tobacco, sample packs, and candy. If they want to charge this much, Dayna and Chuck might want to add some credentials to their list of training and certification listed at the end.

Starter Kits at Sweet Vapes

The Kanger Evod, eGo Twist, Vision Spinner eMax, and an Aspire BDC are all hanging out here in kit form. Buy an iClear kit with two 1300mAh batteries (in 4 available colors), a tank, and an LED color of your choice too. The price is $74.95: about right considering the two high-powered batteries, which are worth half that price alone.

The kit also contains a USB charger, wall adaptor, and replacement coil. A case is included, but if you don’t want a small one pay $2 for a medium-sized case. The tank atomizer offers 1.8/2.1ohms resistance.

Sweet Vapes carries Kanger clearos, tanks, and coils. The same is true of Vision, Aspire, and Innokin products. Pick up Boge cartomizers (GS-H5, H3, and H2) plus tanks and coils. Select a Smok Tumbler for $12.95 or an RBC (frosted or glossy) for $3.99.

Vision X-Jet BDC Mini and Mega Novas are priced $11.95 and $12.95, respectively. They keep things fair at Sweet Vapes. Atomizers, APVs, batteries, and other accessories are also lined up at reasonable prices.

A Careful Brand Policy

Dayna and Chuck feel strongly about clones, as in not selling them. Their view is that clones spell trouble so their policy is to only carry brand-name, reliable, authentic e-cig items. This goes for everything on their hardware list: Smok, JoyeTech, Innokin, Kanger, and the rest.

The business partners comment on how often clones provide poor quality, and it is certainly true that you cannot always be sure you are receiving genuine articles. At Sweet Vapes you can, in fact, be positive about this. They make a pretty big point about it.

More about Wisconsin’s Sweet Vapes

Sweet Vapes opened in 2008 slightly before the e-cig industry exploded. They began selling goods online in 2010, just in time to catch the wave and snag loyal customers eager for good flavors.


The pair of them runs a highly sanitary lab, but they make no mention of GRAS, USPS ingredients, food grade flavorings, etc. They have AIB allergen training, AIB food safety certification, ServSafe qualifications, and a vigilant attitude to safety in general.

They only carry bottle formats that come with childproof caps, so if you want really small bottles this business will not oblige until little bottles become available with safety caps. Nicotine is a poison and they do not want any consumers’ little children becoming sick.

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