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By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Even if you used a discount code during your first purchase, the savings don’t have to stop there!  Below I have 15% off starter kit coupons and 10% off V2 Cigs coupons you can use EVEN IF you’ve already used a discount code in the past.

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How do I get V2 Coupon Codes?

Well, that’s what I do!  I’m a coupon aggregator and luxury brand shopper, but I never like to pay full price.  I save 10’s of thousands per year on all my purchases by shopping smart.

Discount codes are one of the hottest commodities in the industry.   You can save 15, 20, even 40% off  V2 Electronic Cigarettes by using the above codes!

E-Cigs are typically cheaper than tobacco products already, but these promo codes really seal the deal.  

Always looking out for you, I’ve got some never-expiring coupons that can save you gobs of cash on your V2 cartridge, accessories, and even starter kits (if you want another one, want to gift one, or simply want to upgrade).

With some of the lowest refill prices on the market, you can’t go wrong investing in this brand.

Promo Codes Can Save You Thousands!


A ready-to-go cartomizer can be as low as $1.49, and this gives you the same amount of drags you’d take on a traditional cigarette.  This page was set up to show you just how much you can save by using e-cigs, and also will outline just how much more you can save by using my discount codes.

How to get the latest Promo Codes?

These are the best way to save on their incredible products.  Just like when you used to cut coupons from the Sunday Paper, these work in the same fashion, only you enter the code right online at their website, V2Cigs.com.  Simply go above and click “REVEAL” and you’ll have the latest code.  It’s that simple.

There are coupons for 10% and 15% off all V2 products.  These work all day every day.  Just click the icon on this page to reveal the current promo code.

Promo Codes & Discounts – Average Savings Breakdown

Just how big are  the savings when you use these promo codes?  Here’s an exact breakdown of some of the most common purchases:

  • a Beginners Kit for only $29.70,
  • a Standard Kit at $50.95,
  • a Standard Plus Kit goes for $84.95,
  • a Couples Kit will only cost you $97.70, and
  • an Ultimate Kit for about $123.

Cartridges are also offered at a nice savings.  At only $8.95, when you use a 10% off discount.

Further, if you like the e-liquid, a 25ml bottle of e-juice is only $15.25.

Here’s how to maximize your savings…..

Use these codes (bookmark this page) when they have a store-wide sale.  When they do this, you can STILL use these promo codes to save money.  So, if they do a 25% off sale, you can use the 15% off kits discount and essentially unlock a total savings of 40% off!  Crazy, isn’t it?

We Have the 2014 Coupons

These never expire, so again, bookmark this page as I always update this page with sales etc (I have a pretty sweet tech guy who created a nice feed) so they work.  I personally use them and send to friends, and have never heard a complaint.  Rather, the opposite, I get compliments on how much money I’ve saved them with my purchases.

Once you make an order on their official site (very important, these don’t work in retail locations), just wait for the box at checkout that says “enter promo code.”  Once you see this, you paste the information you copied from my site into that area, and BOOM, your in business.  The savings will be unlocked and you will be all set.

In case you didn’t read my V2 Cigs review, I’ve put some information about the company below.  They are “America’s #1 selling e-cigarette.”

v2cigs.comAbout The Company

V2 is a BBB Accredited Business owned by VMR Products of Miami, Florida.  The main business venture of the company is electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories.

With over one million customers, Alexa.com says they are the top brand in the USA.  All orders are made at their facility in Miami.

The company boasts over 200 employees and occupies a four floor executive office in Miami, Florida.  All R & D starts there, and designs and concepts happen at this location. Manufacturing is done in China.  (Like all other e-cigs.)

They offer batch testing, where you can access quality control reports online . No other company has this capability.  You can buy V2 disposables at retail stores like HESS, 7/11, and Pilot Truck Stops.

The company also serves as a manufacturer for many other brands, leveraging their world class facilities and R & D.


V2E Cigs And V2

E cigs were first introduced over a decade ago in China by a man whose father had died from smoking-related disease and who was also a smoker. He had smoking cessation in mind, even though the industry cannot make the claim that e cigs are useful for this purpose.

Companies like V2 Cigs, however, make the comparison clear: e cigs are much healthier than cigarettes. They help people. Simply posting the little blurb about the beginnings of this technology implies as much.

China and the E Cig Industry

Most of the electronic cigarette industry is located in China, especially the city of Shenzen. Even American companies that design and assemble e cigs on US soil have their parts manufactured in China, sometimes using dedicated factories, but not always.

Their e liquid frequently comes from China too. The two reasons for this are the low cost associated with off-shore manufacturing and the fact that this country is already home to related factories with appropriate machinery, technology, and expertise.

V2 Cigs and similar companies create and execute ideas in American offices. Their customer service representatives and corporate offices are located in the US. Products are made in China, including the e liquid for their cartomizers.

V2 Cigs and the Big Tobacco

Many, though not all, of the biggest companies in the e cig industry are owned by or partner with tobacco giants, and V2 is no exception. They partnered with National Tobacco in the spring of 2013. National Tobacco is the company behind Zig-Zag, which is why you find Zig-Zag disposable electronic cigarettes and e liquid on the V2 Cigs website.

If that does not make sense to you — e cig and tobacco companies working together — then think about the potential now opening in front of Big Tobacco. Their name among consumers is dirty with the smog of cigarette smoke and heavy with the weight of many cigarette-related deaths. Yet, many people are employed in this industry.

Segueing into e cigs is natural and convenient. Cigarette manufacturers can slowly phase out production of Marlboros and Virginia Slims without losing profits or letting go of staff. In fact, they have the opportunity to grow in ways that cigarette manufacture could not have grown any longer.

As investment partners, tobacco companies also provide much-needed capital used to conduct research and development, which makes this still new technology more effective, convenient, and safer. That money allows firms to advance knowledge and encourage innovation.

The V2 CommunityV2 Cig and Community

The V2 Cigs community is an active one. Every month, its members can read a new story shared by one of their customers; a testimonial about what e cigs did for them. These stories are emotional reminders of the way e cigs can truly transform lives.

Many smokers were unable to do regular things, like climb stairs, without getting helplessly out of breath. Today, thanks to e cigs, they lead relatively normal lives. Some returned from the brink of disaster and can’t even see the edge they nearly fell off of anymore.

Co-Founder and CEO J. Andries Verleur is active, vocal, and visually present in videos and interviews not just on the V2 Cigs website but other mainstream publications.

He gets his hands dirty and stands behind his products. His website receives hundreds of thousands of visits monthly, and as aforementioned, V2Cigs.com is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

V2 Pro CollectionV2 Cigs Progression

At the start, V2 Cigs was all about the cigalike. They made electronic devices designed to look like cigarettes right down to their “burning” LED tips.

Alternatives such as different-colored batteries and gourmet flavors widened selection for the recent vaping convert ready for something different.

Not long after entering the industry, the company added Vapor Couture as a nod to the many female vapers out there. In fact, statistics showed that most vapers were women at that time. Where those numbers stand now is uncertain since the industry is growing rapidly. But with Vapor Couture, V2 acknowledged their female audience’s desire for a stylish entry into the vaping world.

Next, they developed bigger batteries and cartomizers with new designs: the EX series. Cartomizers in this series lengthened the lifespan of an e cig from a couple of hours to half or an entire day, depending on vapers’ habits.

This year, V2 Cigs breached the gap between e cigs and herbal vaporizers by introducing the Pro Series 3, a 3-in-1 magnetic device compatible with proprietary herbal, e liquid, and essential oil cartridges. Although not the first of its kind, the Pro Series was hotly anticipated.

Many similar devices involving magnets or screw threads are made by companies little known in the vaping community. V2 has earned a strong reputation, the kind that reassures an individual about to spend $80 on a new product. A lot of 3-in-1 vaporizers or pen-style vapes are made by brand new, untried businesses that cannot compete with V2’s pedigree.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Check Your Ego
Their crossover device works two ways, linking V2 Cigs with a community that uses vaporizers for the unseemly purpose of “smoking” drugs, but also legitimizing the vaporizer business thanks to its association with this reputable company. Only time will tell which implication will be strongest.

V2 ProductsV2 Cigs Products

V2 has real shops, operates online, and is internationally successful. Their line is possibly the most popular in the world, although that position is contested and the tables constantly change.

While V2 Cigs frequently re-emerges at the top, they are sometimes pushed back by other popular and reputable American businesses like Halo and Apollo. New companies vie for their share of the audience and their dollars too, but there is something different about V2 Cigs.

Verleur took this small, uncertain prospect and, with his team, converted potential into reality. His attitude of complete transparency and honesty with customers endears him to those who are unsure about e cigs on many levels: the professionalism of companies that make and sell them; their safety; and the trustworthiness of businesses. Some who were skeptical now want to work for firms such as V2 Cigs. They want the security of being employed in a growing market by a strong player.

Buy A V2 Cigs Starter Kit

V2 Cigs is probably best known for their starter kits. Vapers who once used mini cigs will remember how many choices V2 used to have, and either how there was too much choice or a great selection for their budget. If there was a lot of choice a year ago, there is even more selection now. That includes regular V2 Cigs, the EX Series, Vapor Couture, and now the Pro Series 3.

A Regular V2 Cigs Starter Kit

When referring to the “Regular,” I mean the “Classic” V2 Cigs with its pre-EX dimensions. The cheapest kit on the block comes with 6 cartomizers, a single battery, one disposable, and a USB charger. There aren’t any other kits like it so you can’t easily compare their price — $34.95 — to anything else. It’s a good deal and an unusual package.

Next are kits with two or more batteries and 10 or more cartomizers, USB/Wall adapter packages, sometimes a car adapter or a PCC: it all depends on the bundle you buy.

V2 Ultimate Kit

Prices go up to $179.95 because there are Classic and EX options to think about. The biggest kit — the Ultimate — costs either $149.95 or $179.95 (Classic or EX configuration) for 25 cartomizers, a power e cig, PCC, 3 batteries, and regular chargers.

Vapor Couture

Next, there are 5 choices of e cig starter kits from Vapor Couture. These e cigs are feminine and slim; not compatible with V2 Classic or EX Series batteries, chargers, and cartomizers. Once you buy from Vapor Couture, only proprietary products work. These are some snazzy products in 4 colors: Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum, Deep Purple, and Signature (the logo on white).

Vapor Couture Kit

Starter kits begin with an Entree package for over $40 and climb to more than $200 for the Maximale, but that last one contains lots of goodies. You get a Smart Phone clutch, pink PCC with mirror, a necklace and e cig charm, and loads of cartomizers. VC offers just 6 flavors: two mint, two fruit, and two tobacco varieties.

Pro Series 3

V2 narrowly beat out VaporFi to bring you their herbal vaporizer first. It is actually a 3-in-1 device. Magnetic connections permit the user to easily join a battery unit to one of three cartridges for essential oils, herbs, or e liquid. The base knows automatically what temperature to choose according to instructions passed through the connection.

With the introduction of a 3-in-1 device, V2 Cigs has extended its reach beyond beginners’ e cigs to embrace a new audience of vapers who enjoy other alternatives to cigarettes and want to work with a brand that has earned itself a positive reputation over time.

Starter Kits begin at around $60 with just the e liquid cartridge, but the price goes up when you add other cartridges as well. Herbs are not included. Two new versions — the Pro Series 7 and 9 — increase battery life, and also control. With a Series 9, you get to play around with voltage and watch figures change on an OLED screen. V2 Cigs starter kits are great for high- and low-tech individuals.

Here’s The 2014 V2 Promo Codes Again For You:

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I’m always out looking for even BETTER savings coupons.  For that reason, I have no qualms about linking out to sites that provide a lot of value on the same topic of saving money on electronic cigarettes, like V2.  Please visit the following resources which also have extraordinary savings coupons for various e cig brands.