By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vapage comes from Southern California, south of Los Angeles. They are considered the world leader in premium e-cig manufacturing, probably because they produce so many models of electronic cigarettes under the Vapage name. On their site you will see other models besides the Vapage line. Titan, VMod, VPro, U-Turn, Cig20, Vookah, Barfly, Black Label, Onyx, and Nixa are all Vapage products.

Vapage.comA Vapage Review in Focus

If you are just interested in mini cigs, the sorts that new vapers prefer and are easy to use without much coaching, then the flagship Vapage model is the place to start. A Pack Starter kit for $29.99 contains a rechargeable battery, a USB charger, and four 18mg refills for $29.99.

They only come in Classic or Red Tobacco and Menthol. The ECiggo Kit with a USB, battery, and 4 cartridges costs $19.99. I can’t spot the difference.

A Premium Kit for $99.99 contains three batteries, two white and the other black. Inside the kit you find a USB and wall charging kit, a car adaptor, and 10 cartomizers (5 Classic, 5 Red tobacco, 18mg). Items are packaged tidily in a beautiful, classy box.

Three batteries is lovely and all; you certainly need them all when vaping mini cigs. What I fail to understand is why customers are asked to pay such an exceptionally high price. Although it looks great in the box, you do not receive a portable charging case or anything. I would replace the third battery with a small PCC or take off $10 at a minimum.

Mini Crystal tanks are also sold online by Vapage with 808 threading. They cost $9.99 for two in clear and blue or clear and smoke tinted options.

It’s nice to see more mini tanks out there, as V2 and Halo have gotten on board. These are a perfect next step to try out tanks!

Cartridge Refills at Vapage

Five-packs of Vapage e-liquid cartomizers do not carry a likable price tag, but they are not any worse than countless other companies that get away with overcharging for goods. $14.99 is what you have probably come to consider the standard price, but packages sell elsewhere for $9.99, and $12.99 is reasonable.

The problem with comparing price tags, however, is that you cannot swap cartomizers around most of the time. Many brands are threaded to work only with their own batteries. A few work with adapters to fit other models, but you cannot guarantee they will work as effectively together, even if they connect somewhat.

Flavor selection is decent, with flavors like Red Hot Cinnamon and Watermelon, Blue Berry, Peach, Sour Apple, and Strawberry. Vape Pina Colada, Vanilla, Cherry, or Cool Menthol. Coffee will satisfy you in the morning; Chocolate is a treat for after lunch; and Blue Frost will wake you up. You might already be familiar with 555 Tobacco and Gold Tobacco. First Strike features a toasted tobacco aroma and flavor. That amounts to 16 flavorful possibilities.

Cinnamon is not typically included with mini cig cartridges, but the rest you have probably seen before, just not this many in one place. Volcano and White Cloud are probably the two companies that sell more flavors, and South Beach Smoke is catching up, thanks to their latest flavors. Strengths are 0, 8, 18, and 24mg.

Generally, adding more flavors seems to be one of the most popular and cheapest ways to increase interest in a product. At Vapage, though, they don’t have to worry if interest in their mini cig line dims because they have several other models to promote when consumers want something else.

Impressions So Far

There is nothing much to get excited about at this point in the review. Vapage appears to be much like all the other companies, except that they are bigger. Their page asks you to vote on a community poll, a self-centered sort of poll about their products, not e-cigs generally. Maybe on another day they would surprise me.

You can ask questions about goods, shipping, e-cigs and other topics using live chat. See what you recently viewed and use that section as a list instead of taking notes while you compare items. Shop by price or by model. I see nothing exceptional so far in pricing, the website, or selection. Whatever this company does has been done before. At least, they don’t post pictures of scantily clad women vaping seductively as though you were buying sex instead of e-cigs.

More Models by Vapage

Vapage is the umbrella for those other models mentioned above. Their disposable products are called Barfly, Black Labele and Vookah (just Hookah with a “V,” but not a bad play on words).

Premier and mini e-cigs are known as the Titan, VPro, U-Turn, VMod/XL, and Nautilus. Use the Vapage site to shop for these models and also e-liquid, tanks, and gear to go with all of them. It’s a convenient way to shop.

Reviews of the Camarillo Shop

Vapage runs a shop in Camarillo, California, as well as selling products over the internet. Consumers can read reviews of the shop online, but proceed with caution. Writers will sometimes submit exaggerated or completely fabricated reports to the company’s benefit or detriment.

Negative reviews will come from competitors, disgruntled ex-employees, and dissatisfied customers who could show some restraint. Highly positive reviews might be paid for or written by staff. Some companies pay in points or money for reviews too, which might prompt unrealistic assertions not backed by facts.

I had these considerations in the back of my mind while reading reports about the Vapage Shop. They were divided almost in half between 5-star and 1-star ratings. On the one side, customers said Vapage sold wonderful products and provided wonderful customer service. The VMod XL received excellent ratings. On the other hand, consumers urged other consumers never to visit: their experiences were terrible. That’s really strange.

Online Extras

You can find coupon codes for just about any e-cig company around. Vapage is no exception. Find a code for a promotion that is still running and save money without even trying.

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