Vape Dojo

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The guys behind Vape Dojo wanted vaping to taste better than it did and to cost less than they were paying for it. They knew products were over-priced. They tasted the poor quality of e liquid. As vapers themselves it was in their interests to right these wrongs and now they have made a business out of that interest.

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VapeDojo.comVape Dojo Review: Keeping Customers Happy

Most of their customers agree that this team has met the goals they set. While numerous other e cig stores and nicotine juice providers sell goods in their stores at a markup compared to online prices, Vape Dojo is consistently inexpensive without giving up quality. Their juices are satisfying, tasty, and inexpensive: $4.99 for 15 ml of Classic E Juice; $6.99 for the Charlie Noble line. That makes you wonder how other companies can get away with charging $12 per bottle.

Their stores are fitted with TVs and leather couches making them comfortable and relaxing while still being inclusive (in other words, design and people aren’t too cool for all but a tiny sector of the population).

Just One Problem

The only issue that comes up repeatedly has to do with their vapor tasting bar. This is set up as a self-serve area with occasional supervision/help. Clients find this area to be chaotic, messy, and busy.

If they could change just one element of Vape Dojo stores, this would be the thing. A second problem has reared its ugly head but with less frequency: employees being courteous but not friendly. It bothers some, not others. Really negative reviews are anomalous.

Vape Dojo Starter KitsVape Dojo Products Online

Usually, an a e cig store sells more in store than they do online, so if you don’t see what you want in the catalogue below phone one of their stores to find out if they carry the item on your wish list. Vape Dojo has opened 5 stores in Maryland: Bel Air, Hampstead, Elliot City, Parkville, and Middle River. Another is open in Harrisonburg Virginia, also home to their “state-of-the-art lab” (pictured on their website). It doesn’t look state-of-the-art, but the lab is large.

Since they concentrate on e liquid, hardware selection is small. Choose from a variety of Kanger starter kits such as the Emow DBC kit. The clearomizer features adjustable airflow. You get a battery, one clearomizer, 5 replacement coil heads, a charging kit, and a gift box for $44.99.

The Evod 2 kit for $39.99 contains 2 batteries, 2 clearomizers, 7 replacement heads, chargers, and a gift box. Pay $20 on top of that for a Protank 2 VV kit with 2 tanks, two 650 batteries, 4 coils, chargers, and a box. The Katana Kit III for $14.99 is a single battery/clearo package. None of them come with e liquid, but Vapor Dojo has tons of that. A case for your e cigs costs $9.99.

Vape Dojo E Liquid

All juices are 100% made in the United States, hand-mixed, and original. Maybe you’ve seen other juices of a similar kind but recipes differ between vapeologists. Ingredients are USP, kosher, and American. Bottles come in volumes of 15, 30, or 50 ml with up to 24 mg by 6-mg increments or the option of a zero-nicotine mixture. Propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratios differ from blend to blend and they tell you what it is on the picture above the product link.

Vape Dojo's e-liquidsClassic Types

Classics are things like Andy’s Secret Blend, the secret being in how many drops of each flavor go into the mixture, not the flavors he chooses. Those are pineapple and coconut to a 30/70 ratio. Expect big clouds.

Bull Rush tastes like an energy drink with a 50/50 combo. Cucumber Mint is another 50/50 liquid. For a heavier PG vape juice try Emergald Buddha at 60/40, tasting of sour green apples. Gum Fu Panda should remind you of gummy bears. Like Lychenberg (Boysenberry and white tea), it’s a 50/50 e juice.

Swagger, a grape-coconut vape, tips the scales in favor of VG again but SamuRY4 takes it back to 60/40. That’s the classic caramel/vanilla tobacco. Vanilla Latte is a 50/50.

Pictures associated with each flavor are created against a crumpled grey paper-like background. Several represent black pen “sketches” of a detailed Asian style. The font for numbers and letters is a brush-stroke style, thick and frayed at the edges. These unique images will always remind you of Vape Dojo.

Charlie Noble E Liquids

Just 5 juices have been bottled in glass with black dripper caps. They are mostly vegetable glycerin-heavy (ratios next to each one show as little as 15% propylene glycol). Neptune’s Nectar features strawberry, bananas, and French Cream. Blue Bay contains ripe blueberries, pomegranate, vanilla, and lemon. Sollers Pointe should remind you of banana, caramel, vanilla, tobacco, and cream. Choose Siren Song if you like strawberries and cream. Poseidon’s Punch tastes like citrus punch.

Wrap Up of Vape Dojo

So far I haven’t commented on shipping: usually there is an amount you have to spend to receive this for free. Vape Dojo simply adds $2 to every order to pay for shipping if you purchase goods online. That sounds fair and will discourage clients from placing inconsequential orders one after another.

The name “Vape Dojo” is also significant. A Dojo is a school, so essentially you are shopping at a vaping school. That follows, since they sell starter kits rather than mods and APVs.

I know these guys have been operating for more than 2 years (since 2011) so it was weird to see so few reviews below their juices. Those available came from the Charlie Noble line. While Classic vape juices are pre-steeped, remember to steep CN e liquids. Their complexities will shine through that way. Vapers deciding to give them a try might wish to start with Sollers Pointe which looks to be a favorite; a meatier version of RY4.

Their Charlie Noble vape line is designed to work with RDAs and atomizers which can handle viscous liquids. Being able to see your PG/VG ratio and choose from thick or thin liquids is conscientious. I recommend that every vaper give them a try at least once.