Vape Supreme

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Not every website run by electronic cigarette companies is easy to navigate, but Vape Supreme delivered a good experience. They post their daily deals, sales, blog, and other categories in an organized manner I found user-friendly, not fractured or hyper.

Vape Supreme’s flagship shop is in Fullerton, California. They also run stores in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. Shopping online is easy, but shopping in-person is lots of fun and a social event. Besides, this way you can try vapes and get someone to look at your complicated atomizer for you.

VapeSupreme.comOn the List

My Vape Supreme review will begin with starter kits, a sensible starting point for readers and new vapers. For $59.99, you could own an 1100mAh eGo C Twist kit in the pre-wrapped pattern of your choice.

This goes for larger kits too, like the $124.99 eVic Kit. Choose a pattern: Safari, Cement, Galaxy, Tribal, Paisley, Camo, or Animal. Next, select an item from within that list.

You don’t need a patterned kit, but plain ones exist in spades. Why not add another dimension to your electronic artistry?

Advancing as a Vaper

An eGo APV V2 Vamo is $84.99 at Vape Supreme. The Joyetech eVic Kit is an excellent $109.99. Sample the Innokin iTazte MVP for $59.99. A Zmax and Zmax Mini are both online.

These are good prices overall, but where some firms just round up to the whole number, Vape Supreme makes their prices look even better by leaving off the last penny. It’s a clever ploy they don’t need since the firm is staying within the lower limits of price tags for these products.

Really Advancing

Elect to own an Avenger Mechanical Mod with its serial number, copper contacts, and changeable sleeves for $194.99. This is expensive vaping to be sure. An authentic stainless steel, telescopic Cronus VHO is $224.99. I stress the fact that it is authentic because many versions you find are not: they are affordable clones, but most companies tell you when they sell clones.

A CC Pro sells for $184.99. It is a Hybrid drip, Fatty V3 telescopic mod. The Hammer by Kato is $10 more expensive. You only switch over to these products when the usual VV APVs are no longer as effective and you are experienced enough to operate advanced equipment (or to learn quickly how to make the most of your investment). Vape Supreme will never leave you stranded if you need help.

Tanks and More

Pick up the Artemas Dual Coil anodized 3ml tank for $11.99. A CE4 V2 Clearo is $4.99. Vape sleeves by a Los Angeles company cover the iTazte or streamlined devices. Made of genuine leather, they cost $39.99 each with a clip and chain.

A mod polishing kit allows the serious vaper to look after his device properly so it shines and is clean all over. Think of all the handling it endures, the germs that could spread, and the way fingerprints dull the exterior. Use a kit featuring polishing cream, micro fiber paper, and a micro fiber cloth to maintain its looks.

E-Liquid at Vape Supreme

Since Vape Supreme carries supreme equipment, it would be shameful to waste the talent of those devices by filling them with cheap juice. You want the good stuff. Since you paid extra for your mod, don’t suddenly demure at the site of a $12 bottle of liquid from Blueprint, Captivape, Doc Bailey’s Elixir, or Primal Vapers. You owe it to your mod and yourself to vape the best liquids.

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