Vapin In The Cape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

A Vapin in the Cape review is a sunny opportunity to introduce a good company; a reliable Florida firm begun in November of 2010 which claims to have brought the first vape bar to Florida. They could not be from anywhere besides Florida with a name like this one.

Located in Kissimmee and Cape Coral, Vapin in the Cape brings you a huge selection of both juices and hardware. Visit them Monday to Saturday at one of their two locations or 24/7 online.

VapinInTheCape.comKits at Vapin in the Cape

Joye Kits include the 510, eGo, and eVic (this last one sells for $104.99). For some reason Vapin in the Cape had them in stock which cannot be said for everyone. The eCab is $59.99.

A KR808 starter kits sells for $39.99. Pricing is about the same as you find elsewhere: not higher or lower but just right.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers at Vapin in the Cape

Pick up an Innokin Cool Fire for $69.99 or the VapeOnly vMecha. They have got a beautiful battery called a Vision eFire Wood Spinner VV for $39.99, unusual because it really is made of wood. Smoke and iTaste are here too plus a device called the Eagle VV/VW for $59.99.

Buy yourself some accessories for an 808D or your mod, like the eVic control head ($79.99) and replacement tube with a top ring ($11.99). Prices like these show how good a deal the kit is, but sometimes you have to know where to find replacements. Even expensive, reliable equipment breaks down after extensive use.

A Vision Victory Tank is $9.99. Select Five ECA blank cartomizers for $7.99. The ECA (eVic) Changeable Atomizer is $16.99. Again, Vapin in the Cape cannot be faulted for its pricing.

The entire site is pleasingly organized, right through equipment and including e-liquid. There is a ton of stuff to shop for and look at including many mods not listed here.

Vapor Juice at Vapin in the Cape

You can pick up Dekang juice or Ginger’s vapor liquid, but Vapin in the Cape makes its own juice too.

Examples like Cinnamon and Cranberry Champagne from Ginger’s are seasonal juices costing $7.99 for 15ml (which is not too bad relative to the high-end boutique stuff). Other varieties from Ginger’s Juice include Kinda Sorta Shady (hard to describe, so they don’t bother except to say it contains light tobacco, though reviewers mention coffee and sometimes vanilla).

Among Vapin in the Cape juices are Eggnog, Mango Melon, Chocolate Hazelnut, Gingerbread Man, and Candy Corn. You pay $4.99 for 10mls. Again, they are not overcharging and it is great to have the option of buying a 10ml bottle when several firms opt for bigger formats, leaving you stuck with a big bottle you might not like and cannot return.

Dekang features a lot of the typical juices you have become accustomed to seeing. Visit them for some standards and really great prices.

Create juices to your personal like with the help of DIY supplies like bottles etc. Pick up propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavors from the Flavor Apprentice. A lot of customers pick up this hobby and end up making e-liquids professionally. If your experience has shown that there are things lacking in the e-juice market, use this opportunity to source and use base flavors, even if only you will benefit from your ingenuity.