Vapor Alley

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There are dark alleys, back alleys, and alley cats, but as this Vapor Alley review demonstrates, this is the best kind of alley you could find yourself in. Set yourself up with a mod, APV, tank, juice, and accessories regardless of your requirements (after you have left eGos behind, that is).

Not much that is sold at Vapor Alley (situated in Easton, Maryland) is appropriate for early or intermediate vapers, except the tanks. But rebuilding them might be a stretch for early-level vapers anyway, and that is what a lot of the pieces here are designed for: a DIY approach.

VaporAlley.comCategorizing Vaping Devices

Here are the ways Vapor Alley categorizes products. Search according to the brand of device. They carry Sigelei, Innokin, Kanger, Joyetech, Kumiho, iSmoka, and more. Check out the sort of item your purchase is listed under, like rebuildable tanks, RBAs, mods, e-cig kits, or juice.

Pick up needle caps, a holder/tray for your APV, springs, mouthpieces, replacement tubes, and cartridges. They sell an eVic ECA cartridge for $1.99. Shields and tips are sold at assorted prices.

A whole separate heading is dedicated to Philippine mods so you know what to look for at Vapor Alley: limited edition modifiable electronic cigarettes like Nzonic.

Stuff at Vapor Alley

There is so much stuff involved with vaping that if you did not at least specialize somewhat as they do here, your warehouse could be double the size. It is a good thing so many companies carry this sort of equipment. That is why you can direct brand new vapers to a different shop selling 510 kits, low-level eGos, or mini cigs (cigalikes).

An iTaste MVP 2.0, sold in load of locations besides this one, sells for the standard price of $64.99. It is not extraordinary and does not have to be. Vapor Alley just proves they keep their eyes on prices among the competition.

A Kumiho Pass-through is $17.99. The Smoktech eMax eGo battery goes for $27.99.

Mods at Vapor Alley

You will find an eVic Battery Tube Set on the listing but it is not in stock. When it comes back you will pay $12.99 to get one. The Nzonic V4 is in stock for $199.99, as is the Viper Mechanical Mod (same price). Choose the Fuse Hybrid instead, costing $179.99. It was an impressive sight, all of those “in stock” items in the alley. I had a great time and was pleasantly surprised.

An RBA by Fuego or Crown, however, would frustrate your intentions. Wait for weeks, maybe months, to hand over $109.99. The Carberus was also out of stock at $209.99-worth of waiting. At least, your money will earn interest in the meantime. The Sentinel is available though: $189.99.

With those few pennies you earn from interest on the unavailable items you cannot buy much, but it will give you a head start on the juice you need every day.

E-Liquid at Vapor Alley

Here is how they do it at Vapor Alley. Juices are separated into categories according to their nicotine range. One heading includes 8, 16, or 24mg per/ml. The other is available at 12, 18, or 24mg per/ml.

It is all made in the USA, sold at $4.99 for 10mls. From category one select Buttercream, Cupcake, Cake Batter, Vanilla Tobacco, Peach Brandy, or Red and White (like the cigarettes). That is just the start. In category two, they have Dry Blackberry (a blend with tobacco), Caramel Kettle Corn, German Chocolate Coffee, and White Tik Tak.

Become an Affiliate

You are not hiding out in a dark alley behind a dumpster when you become an affiliate with Vapor Alley. You are joining a dynamic company, but without having to do a lot of work to make money.

You have undoubtedly seen Vapor Alley banners on ecig forums, the sort of banners affiliates have access to and also use when they sell products by Vapor Alley. You do not actually sell stuff: orders are linked to your affiliate account, but they go through Vapor Alley who handles the transaction from there-on-in.

Affiliates have to earn a minimum of $100 before receiving payment which goes out monthly. That is the standard arrangement, but nothing is said about commission rates or conversion statistics. You can be sure the conversion rate is not great, but you will probably enjoy a decent average because of the expensive products they sell. Then again, you have to sell a lot of those to enjoy the benefit.

More Items of Note

Vapor Alley was opened in 2009 and the owners write a helpful blog. You might have noticed a heading where information for newbies is contained. The blog will also give you some helpful advice and information, but a blog can also contain news and info about sales. The best place to stay on top of temporary, last-minute sale event is social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Shipping from Vapor Alley is not free and there is no apparent minimum to qualify for free shipping. They might have some kind of policy, but they don’t have to do that. It’s just something some firms have arranged to attract sales. The price of 1st Class USPS shipping for domestic orders is a set $3 and that is it: not dear, not complicated.

Maybe you know a friend who wants something but do not know what to get him. Send him a Gift Certificate for use at Vapor Alley and let him do his own shopping.

Perhaps you are not sure about a flavor. Links to e-cig forums are also connections to reviews and product conversations taking place between real customers, most of them with no vested interest in Vapor Alley.