Vapor Beast

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Have you ever visited a vape shop and wondered if advanced vapers were invisible? You might have felt misunderstood, wondering where you could go for a hybrid model or a heavy duty e-cig. This Vapor Beast review will show you where to go for the heft of a powerful mod.


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If you thought you could just buy a mod and start vaping you would be misled. A vaping guide on the Vapor Beast website exists to help consumers understand what vaping is and why they should not start with APVs but 510 products instead. This section contains information about filling a tank, using a device, and industry research.


Now that you have a handle on vaping and have worked through the eGos you are ready for a Hybrid or something of that sort. Hybrids like the ZHybrid, Cantena, Hero, K300, and LavaFire Bullet are sold here.

You can also buy tanks like the DBox Chrome Protank and Raven Tank Hybrid Cartomizer. Oakley Gemini DCC replacement heads are featured.

Look to Vapor Beast for a Gripper ($54.99), Versa VV ($79.99), or Mini Vector VV Chrome ($75).

Out of Stock

At every website or shop, you will find some items are temporarily out of stock unless they have been cleared out to make room for new, more popular items. What you should not see is a big list of major items out of stock, like you find at Vapor Beast. I was disappointed to see that the Smoktech Galileo ($46.99), Mini Vector VV (Silver, $68.99), VMax Ultra PV 3 to 6v Black, and its Stainless Steel cousin were all unavailable. That represents a big chunk of major items.

When a limited-edition item is gone, such as the Pine Wood Mod and Handcrafted e-Pipe Holder by Artisan King, you can forgive the company. These are only made in small numbers to start with. Those are two other listed items that were missing by the way.

Love of Wood

Along with the Pine Wood Mod, Vapor Beast also carries an eGo Wood Style Battery which is exquisite and unusual. The Woody Mini Mod adds to a fascination with the richness of real wood.


All juices are made in the United States, contain a propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio (70/30), and sell for $8.99 (30mls). That’s a price you cannot argue with, but a size that might put you off. You could call it a beast of a bottle, but at least it’s made of glass, sealed with a dripper.

Varieties like Grape Pixie ad Black Licorice are common and well-loved. French Silk Chocolate Pie is as decadent a flavor as you will ever vape. Divine Lemon Cake combines the richness of cake with the tartness of lemon. Jazzmatazz is available as Raspberry Limeade or Blueberry Lemonade.