Vapor Couture

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

What do you give the woman who has everything? If she wants to try vaping, consider giving her an electronic cigarette starter kit. If she likes jewelry and ornaments — anything that sparkles — make that a Vapor Couture starter kit from VMR Procucts (who also manufactures my favorite brand: V2 Cigs).

Any of their kits would be perfect as a gift, but you know your wife, girlfriend, mother, or friend well enough to decide how much bling and what sorts of accessories she would appreciate. If you do not know, give her a gift certificate and let her choose.

Vapor Couture Starter Kits

Begin this Vapor Couture review with starter kits. Remember: you have to compare apples to apples and there is nothing else in this class of electronic cigarettes. You have virtually nothing to compare Vapor Couture to.

Either your recipient prefers attractive vaping equipment or she prefers practical devices with reasonable batteries and a cig-like profile. If she falls into the former category, she will love Vapor Couture.

Starter kits provide an affordable way to collect chargers and pairs of cartridges/batteries that fit together. You’ll be hard pressed to find matching items anywhere else since these are an unusual size.

Vapor Couture started with only two kits but has been adding. Now you can buy an Entrée package for $39.95 in which you find a battery, USB charger, and 6 Vapor Couture cartridges plus a disposable electronic cigarette. This will make up for the lack of battery number two while the user decides if she enjoys the flavors and the feel of these slim cigs.

L’Essentiel Kit contains two batteries, two five-packs of cartridges, and the charging kit (AC adaptor and USB charger). Batteries are available in rose gold, signature, brushed platinum, and deep purple. Flavors (in 0, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8%) are Rodeo Drive, Bombshell (Turkish Tobacco), Arctic Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne, and Fresh Mint. You pay $67.41. Packaging is lovely so you will not have to come up with a pretty box to wrap all of the items in.

The Passeport Kit is designed for travelers, but anyone can use it of course. There is no need to provide proof of travel, like airline tickets or hotel reservations. A Passeport Kit adds to the previous ones with a portable charging case in bronze and gold, brown and gold, or black and silver, each with a detachable wristlet. A car charger is also included just in case your travels involve driving.

As for the Maximale Kit, this is the end of the line, the last word in posh e-cig accessories. Although every item is related to vaping, the handbag/clutch could pass as an ordinary purse. People will see “Vapor Couture” on your accessory and think the letters stand for a fashion designer like Chanel or Vera Wang. A price tag of $207.51 certainly carries the weight of designer goods, though you would pay more (perhaps 10 times as much) for real designer bags.

Select a white, black, crimson, or plum bag with a detachable shoulder strap. Customers receive three batteries and 20 cartridges.

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Flavor Reviews

Although you will notice vapor is strangely thick for a skinny, low-power e-cig in the shape of “slims,” flavors are not as stunning as vapor. Some of what certain reviewers have to say is negative. In spite of their glamour, these are bland e-cig cartridges for some.

Firstly, many smokers continue their habit as much for the motion of moving a stick to their lips as anything else, and nothing will taste as terrible as a cigarette once you stop. Flavors are not bad, just disappointing, and some reviewers are experienced enough to know what e-liquid tastes like in an advanced model e-cig.

Secondly, some smokers just want the nicotine they became addicted to. Nothing else really matters to them for now. Later, they could change their minds, but if you start with mini cigs and pre-filled cartridges and stick with them for a while you will enjoy them. Once you move on to tanks you never want to turn back.

If you are really concerned that the missus will be unimpressed with this gift of a relatively expensive starter kit from Vapor Couture, buy her a few disposable Vapor Couture e-cigs first. Trying flavors that way will save you the embarrassment of discovering the money you spent was a waste, however well-intentioned.

Remember, too, that Vapor Couture is a viable sideline of V2 Cigs. Why is that if not for a certain degree of customer satisfaction? Some reviewers love the flavors, the feel, and the appearance of their new e-cigs. They choose to use them during special occasions while wearing their nicest outfits, not when they go to work or drive the kids to school. For those times, they resort to regular cigalikes.

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