Vapor Craze

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Is there an electronic cigarette craze going on across America? If so, then Vapor Craze is in the midst of it, but not with the beginner vapers and mini cigs. You will know them by their logo: a V in the middle of a squared “C.” Customers can find them on Twitter, Facebook, read their blog, go online, or read this Vapor Craze review to find out what is and is not available at Vapor Craze.

vaporcraze.netProducts at Vapor Craze

The list at Vapor Craze does not start with cigalikes (electronic cigarettes resembling analogs) or anything resembling your standard eGo. You have left that world behind and entered another one full of mythological mechanical monsters.

Mods at Vapor Craze

You do not see samples like the Hades by Footon UVO Systems on every e-cig webpage you visit. That is because they are a) $240 and b) frequently out of stock. This has the biggest battery tube out there by necessity: it takes a 26650. The Hades possesses a big firing button and a choice of magnetic or spring switch. Your mod was constructed out of 316-stainless steel.

The 4Nine by Tarsius, also out of stock and priced $159.99, was hewn from 304-grade Stainless Steel to form a seamless tube. Though compact, it is a high-quality item with a solid brass top cap and switch and hybrid connector that does not employ a center post.

The ZMax Mini by Smoktech is more along the lines of what the average advanced vaper can afford at $84. It’s available for purchase too. You’ve probably heard of K101 and K100, both for $53.

A Lotus, at $180, is among the smallest devices available. The Hammer by Kato is not just any hammer and costs $240.

Accessorizing with Vapor Craze

Each high-end device you buy, as it lasts and lasts, outlives its parts. These parts can be replaced right here at Vapor Craze. Order an AGA RBA ($10 on sale) or the Fatty v3.5. Ratings next to each item indicate the real value of a piece.

Note that batteries are not usually included in the prices of devices. You might have to budget for one or two of those as well. Buy your batteries here: anything you are expected to use in a device will be available, on sale with any luck for $15 or less.

Atomizers are built to provide a certain resistance level. The Ohm Reader at Vapor Craze costs $12 (reduced) and will tell you if an atomizer resistance is as advertised. This is not a petty side point but important to the way you set up a VV device. A particular output pairs well with a certain resistance level to get the best flavor, vapor thickness, and throat hit from an e-liquid.


Vapor Craze very kindly provides a free bottle of e-liquid with each purpose. Some flavors are already sold at half-price, but they are artisan liquids made in the USA by companies like Potion XXIV and Mix Master. Aside from these and Perfect 10, Vapor Craze offers its own cocktails.

The list of vaping tastes encompasses menthol, tobacco, fruit, savory, bakery, seasonal, and menthol flavors. Alternatively, shop by items on sale, new flavors, or choose the brand whose vapes you want.

Do you remember those Rankin and Bass Christmas programs like “A Year without Santa Claus” featuring Snowmiser and Heatmiser? The Snowmiser is a candy cane vapor juice filed under “Winter Themed Villainy,” 15mls of it for $8.

Morning Wood is a style of coffee: bold, but caffeine-free. Kiwiki blends strawberries and kiwi for a tropical taste sensation. All You Can combines lime and menthol as though they were born to be together. Be Mine, Strawberry Dipped Chocolate, really is a love match. Other fruits are paired to be sweet and tangy.

Vapers who have heard of Chic-o-Stick will appreciate Nutty Professor. With sweet peanut butter on entry, it yields to hints of coconut and orange. Monkey Business is not what you expect. If you want banana with chocolate and nuts, try “Spank the Monkey.” With Monkey Business, instead of banana, your mouth and nostrils will fill with creamy butterscotch and caramel. Last Emperor, while similar to the above, is a tobacco variety. It only comes in 30ml bottles.

Because these products are made by 4 different e-liquid companies, there are several prices and nicotine limits.