Vapor King

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Here is an important fact if you are looking for e-cigs and find company names somewhat similar: Vapor King is distinct from Vapor Kings. The latter of these is located in Oklahoma. Vapor King singular comes from Binghampton, New York.

The two are similar in that they run online and physical stores, but the Vapor King line is distinct from other names. The store is open every day. Contact the shop by email or call using their toll-free number, remembering the time difference between your home city/state and Atlantic America.

vaporking.comBrand Names at Vapor King

Vapor King sells its own e-cig kit called the Storm Clearomizer Starter Kit. Available in multiple colors, it costs $79.95 for two clearos, two batteries, 10nmls of e-liquid, the USB charger and an AC adaptor, plus a wide range of flavors. This addition of juice is a sage item to add and makes a good value kit great value.

You can buy batteries in black, stainless steel, or pink while clear tanks come in numerous selections of shade. Add some money to the price if you would like to order an 1100mAh battery and/or one with an LCD screen.

Innokin products sold here include the Innokin iClear 30/30S/30B replacement coil Startomizer replacement coil is sold here too for the mini or the mega.

Storm cartridges (empty or full) cost $7.95 for 5. A Vapor King Disposable e-Hookah costs $10 for 1000 puffs. Pick up a pack of four disposables and pay $14.95. Each one contains menthol or tobacco e-liquid, 1.6% nicotine.

My one complaint is that their assortment of products is slightly limited. They could bring in more stuff without expanding to carry mods.

Vapor King Review and E-Liquid

Here is the story where e-liquid is concerned: you can buy Vapor King liquid or pick up a different brand. This means thee are assorted prices, bottle sizes, styles, and qualities of e-liquid. If your favorite brand is not listed, there is probably one you at least like fairly well. Buy Vaperoo (15mls for $12), Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice ($14.95), Drake’s Vapes, or Fuzion.

The Home juice costs $7.99 for 10mls and $19.95 for 30mls. Nicotine ranges from 0 to 3.6% and consists of glycerin, propylene glycol, distilled water, and artificial flavoring.

Select Hot Cinnamon, Cherry Cigar, Chocolate Banana, or Granny Smith. A number of tobacco varieties mimic tobacco cigarettes, one such being Reno (like Newport). Hedy tastes like 7-up. It also makes me wonder who Hedy is.

I mentioned above that e-liquid is available with the starter kit. Flavors listed next to this package also included Clove and Chocolate Raspberry. Pick out Black Cherry, Mango, or Hazelnut. Select Blueberry, Orange, or Vanilla juice. They have a Turkish tobacco plus American Congress. These ones contain a maximum of 1.6% nicotine which is almost equivalent to a light cigarette.

The Vapor King Shop

This is a highly efficient and professional website, organized as well as some of the best. You might be surprised that Vapor King is not as well known as Blu Cigs or Halo because their webpage is just as classy. Customers will feel confident shopping here because the Vapor King seems confident on his throne (whoever he is).

Social Media Advantages

You can visit Vapor King on Facebook and other social media locations. What is the advantage of social media to an electronic cigarette company? Social media provides an incentive to become connected as a customer and a means by which the owner gets closer to his clients. This is a place to meet other vapers, talk about flavors, and give your opinion about products. Strange things happen when people connect this way, including marriages. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It is a location to learn about coming events involving the company (if they are going to be featured on a program or plan to host a booth at a vaping conference, fair, or convention). Learn before the rest of New York has woken up that Vapor King is hosting a sale of some kind. Many e-cig companies run “flash” sales. They are here and gone in a matter of hours. Only people who connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. know anything about these sales.

Sometimes, you cannot participate in contests except by “liking” Vapor King.

Also, social media (and signing up for the company newsletter) gives consumers a chance to hear about soon-to-be-released devices and juice flavors. When you get the feel for a business through its customers, you also know how connected you want to be.

More Opportunity

For example, would it be worthwhile becoming an affiliate? Can you imagine making enough commission so that your effort is rewarded, or you will learn that countless other consumers have flooded the market to represent Vapor King? At least get the scoop so you can make an informed decision.

When a business person becomes connected he learns which companies’ products possess the potential to expand his client base, please existing customers, or bring him more profit. In other words, he might choose to be a wholesaler for Vapor King’s products and sell them at his smoke shop, grocery store, or convenience shop. These are their juices and their Storm products particularly.

Introductions and Information

Visit the Vapor King blog even if you do not belong to Facebook or Twitter. Read about what they expect to be doing in the next few months, including the discounts and contests they hope to be offering.

Vapor King provides a one year warranty, 30 day money back guarantee, and tracking information on all orders. There is a Better Business Accredited business. What does that mean?

It means there is a level of transparency around how they operate. Complaints lodged with the BBB against a company are categorized and it is noted whether or not the issue was resolved. There is no hiding from the Better Business Bureau or your customers, and Vapor King does not appear interested in doing either.

I admire their willingness to be available and visible via numerous media. This gives me confidence in the company and the goods they choose to sell.