Vapor Labs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

With a name like Vapor Labs, you might expect to see pictures of men and women in white coats with big white hair and beakers in their hands. That is not really the feel you get from a Vapor Labs review, looking at the site as an outsider. Maybe staff members are into that kind of behavior, but it does not show online.

vaporlabsonline.comAll-Purpose E-cig Shopping

Select an approach to shopping and your job just became easier (as though looking for electronic cigarettes, parts, and exciting e-liquids is work). Choose a manufacturer as your target.

Vapor Labs’ list is a long one, comprising hardware and juice manufacturers. Names include Curves, Drag On, Astro, eFest, Boge, Ibaloi, Element E-Liquid, Electric Angel, Ghost Mod, Nimbus, Provari, Vision, and Xtar. I am not joking: that is not even close to the whole list.

Search via a price break down. Head into the $0 to $24.99 range or up to $50. Go past $50, which is not hard if you want an APV or mod.

Select a type of item: cartomizers, mods, drip tips, adapters, battery chargers, etc. So far, so good: you already have lots of choices and your cart is still empty.

Adapters come in several formats. There is the 510 to eGo or 801, 901 to 801, or 801 to 510. Pay between $2.99 and $4.50 for an adapter (if you are confused, these are items that allow you to place atomizers and batteries together when their threading is different).

An atomizer by Ghost Mod is going to cost over $250. The Ibaloi is $225. A Gripper is $25, but the Provari costs $175. Select an Igo W4 25 or an Aga T3 for $59.99.

Drip Tips at Vapor Labs

Hi-Flow and Flux Tips cost $10 each. A Rocky Science Pyrex Drip Tip is not your everyday drip tip for $40.

More in a Vapor Labs Review

Select an Innovape M1 Protank, K100 Mod, or a K101. Each one is exactly $50. The Patriot RDA 24k gold cap costs $55. The Rook Mod is $150. Buy a Trident RBA for $100 while the Bolt would be considered affordable by these standards at $79.95. But it is not Vapor Labs’ fault that the costs are so high. They charge the going rate for these pieces; competitive rates essentially.

At least you can get your goods shipping-free after your bill goes over $75. As you can, that is an easy matter to arrange.

E-Liquid at Vapor Labs

Simply picking up a few bottles of vapor juice could do the trick (that is an exaggeration, but they do sell the high-end stuff). Stick with the Halo juice you know from cigalike days, or move over to Caterpillar. Junky Juice, Crafted Vapor, and Banzai give you even more selection.

Locating the Deals from Vapor Labs

Shopping online is fine; an excellent choice if you live in Chattanooga and want to shop with Vapor Labs. If you live in California, however, there is no need to order stuff over the internet.

I know it is a big state, but they sell their stuff in Los Angeles, Torrance, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, and Orange. With real shops you do not ever pay for shipping, but I can’t say if the online and in-person prices are the same.

Another sort of deal would be the one offered through an affiliate program. You could be making money, enough to pay for your own vapor juice and spare parts, just by telling people to shop at Vapor Labs through a site that links to your account.

It is not the best industry to enter as a career move because of the high competition, but most people become affiliates to pay for things they already buy. If you earn a dollar or two beyond your expenses, that is a bonus you don’t have to work for.

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