Vapor Mania

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you live in or near Sunset, Utah, you have probably heard of Vapor Mania. Even non-vapers are aware of the controversy and hype around e-cigarettes. Those consumers who have shopped at Vapor Mania are aware that there are many rewards to giving up cigarettes and vaping, particularly if they choose Vapor Mania.

As they start to feel better because cigarettes are out of their lives, they also enjoy a financial bonus. The company provides reward points to its regular customers for use at the checkout, so the more you shop, the more you save. The system works online too.

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Vapor Mania’s shop is open Monday to Sunday, but online shopping is available 24/7. Order your startup kit, apparel, a mod, or a disposable e-cig. Vapor Mania carries the NJoy disposable for $7.99, tobacco or menthol, and an eGo starter kit for $39.99. Those are good value items for new vapers, but a hunt will reveal even cheaper ways to begin.

Mod Kits Galore

A list of mods features the biggest names: Nemesis (clone), Iron Man Maraxus (genuine), Atomo VI (clone), and Silver Bullet. The Iron Man costs $269.99. A Nemesis or Maraxus Clone, Silver Bullet, and Atomo VI clone were all out of stock.

You could buy a Vamo V3 starter kit instead, or the Smok Zmax. A Magneto by Smok is well priced at $44.99 and The Bolt is an affordable device: just $29.99. Vapor Mania tries to maintain various levels and prices of vaping machines, but this strategy can backfire when so many are unavailable at the same time.

Picky individuals in search of something even more unusual than an Iron Man can order a Vapor Mania custom mod, such as the Nivel Walther P22 or Nivel Power Bank. The Walther is out of stock though as it appears many people think it is funny to stick the “barrel” of a “gun” in their mouths.

Vapor Skinz

Skins and wraps are popular, affordable ways to make a boring battery look like a piece of art. Custom made Vapor Skinz for your eGo cost $9.00 each in patterns of flowers, animal prints, or covered in spectral images. There are also large Mod skins available.

Drip Tips on the Loose

I have rarely seen so many styles or brands of drip tips in one place. Stubbz acrylics cost $3.99. Another dollar buys Slugs acrylic drip tips. Add a further dollar for Lazer tips. The catalogue also features Blaster, Squirtz, Genie, bullet, snake head, king cobra, skull, and ceramic drip tips in various prices, materials, and colors.


Maniac Vapor from Vapor Mania comes in flavors like Berry Breeze, Dragon Candy, Funn-Dipp, and Caramel Frappe. Each 10ml bottle will cost you $5.99, which is about typical for this size of bottle.

Visiting the Store

Vapor Mania’s storefront is not glamorous or manic. Instead, the atmosphere is professional, but spare and small. This is the place for all of you new vapers, though. In particular if you want to find out which starter kit will be right for you, ask about the tanks that are suitable for particular vaping flavors, or just pick staff members’ brains about vaping in general.