Vapor Nation

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There was a time when consumers saw vaporizers at pharmacist’s shops and knew they were looking at a medical device that would fill a room with menthol and eucalyptus. Those devices were (and still are) popular with parents of young children as they provide a natural alternative to ingested medicines when their infants and toddlers have heavy colds or allergies. A vaporizer for the current generation still produces vapor, but there’s more to it than that.

Modern Vaporizers for Smoke-Free Living

Vaporizers still provide a healthy alternative, but not to medicine. They are for smokers who want to keep enjoying their usual drag but not with the negative impact of inhaling smoke. Some devices were designed as a way to inhale medical marijuana. Vaporizers are designed to heat materials enough so they release vapor, not smoke, so in that sense they are the same as family-friendly products.

vapornation.comA Vapor Nation Review

Where do customers buy these products? How do they learn about the different brands, models, and styles? Where do they find a huge selection of hardware, vaping materials, and accessories at a variety of price points? They visit online retailers such as Vapor Nation.

This internet “superstore” as they call themselves hails from Marina Del Ray, California. Vapor Nation has been serving the vaping community since 2009. Their superstore lists pen vapes, desktop vaporizers, portable devices, accessories, and more. Choose a Magic Flight Launch Box or a Vapir Rise; the N02 or Atmos Raw. Buy an Arizer Solo or select a Palm Vape. Pick out an Iolite original or the Wispr.

Choose by Brand

Select a brand of vaporizer if you know the brand (often consumers are more familiar with the model). Some brands include Storz & Bickel, 7th Floor, Arizer, Vapor Brothers, and many more.

You know Storz & Bickel as the makers of Germany’s Volcano and The Plenty, two of the highest-quality and highest-priced vaporizers one can own. They cost a pretty penny, but will last you many years.

At 7th Floor they produce The Silver Surfer and Da Buddha. Recently they released a pen vape as well. While 7th Floor is from the U.S., Arizer is a Canadian company, maker of the Extreme Q and Solo.

Assistance for Customers

When I entered the Vapor Nation website a simple question greeted me: what kind of device did I want to buy? Narrow your choices down by using their simple system. Pick a desktop or portable vaporizer. Decide if you want to use herbs, wax, or oils and e-liquids. Choose a delivery method (whip, hands-free, or balloon).

With all of that information, the computer automatically determines which of their devices is right for you. I asked for a desktop, herbal vaporizer using the whip method. The results were a Da Buddha, an Arizer V Tower, and an Aromed.

Next, I tried looking for a portable vaporizer. I wanted to vape waxes but wished to see if there were any flame-powered units. There were none. I switched to battery operated (butane was the other possibility) and was led to the Trifecta and two 710s (the Mini and regular-sized vaporizers). It seems you always get three choices if there are at least that many so don’t assume the list is comprehensive. Results provide you with a place to start.

I did discover some flame-powered products after all: herbal, portable vaporizers, actually. They were the Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer, Vapor Genie, and the Vapman Vaporizer.

Contests and Coupons from Vapor Nation

Vapor Nation is on Facebook, and between their Facebook page and the website you won’t miss their competitions. Right now there is one running where customers can win a free vaporizer, but these contests happen regularly so if you miss one don’t worry; another one is in the works.

Coupons are available too, but not the paper ones you cut out of the paper. They are really just internet codes.

Vapor Nation uses Facebook fully to bring their products to consumers’ attention and really publicize their name. With loads of pictures on the site and blurbs about vaporizers which invite customers to engage in conversation, theirs is an example of how Facebook pages can be used to develop an involved customer base.

A Beautiful Website

I really like the Vapor Nation website. One reason is its interactive nature, giving customers several ways to choose products. If the brand or model categories do not help you and finding assistance via the steps listed above is not your style, choose a product by its price range. You could have a small budget, in which case, the “$100 or less” heading would be your speed.

There is a lot of education on the site too. Anyone who has ever wondered what the differences of heating and materials were and what they meant would be intrigued by the articles posted here. Vapor Nation does things professionally and makes grasping complex topics simple for the lay person or vaping newbie.

Find out what delivery method would work best for your level of experience and health. Watch a video that will guide you as to how certain products work. Explore the language of vaporizers: terms that are unfamiliar in any other context or which take on a different meaning in this industry.

Selection and price are excellent so long as a product is in stock. When it’s not and back orders are being taken is when you might want to think twice about signing up and waiting.

Vapor Nation Customers Speak Up

With over 1,200 reviews on the internet, all a prospective customer has to do is look these up to get a fuller picture of the company besides what they say about themselves. Occasional issues arise with shipping and back orders. The company has not always accurately represented shipment dates and times. Most customers, however, report having good experiences, often repeating business with Vapor Nation as a result.

You can also use customer ratings accompanying individual models to find out more about them. Vapor Nation fully describes items they carry; customers describe their experiences with them, sometimes enjoyed or endured over time.